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Cyber Security Assessment Tool

Cyber Security Assessment Tool

It becomes a challenge for the companies to remain aware of the activities of the Social-Technical layer. The complexity and constant changes in the IT infrastructure makes manual monitoring and assessment a daunting task for these organizations.

Cyber Security Assessment Tool powered by FLYONIT is a cutting-edge software solution meticulously crafted to evaluate your organization’s security status and identify the vulnerabilities lurking within your IT infrastructure. By scanning various components such as Endpoints, Active Directory, Microsoft 365, and Azure, the tool gathers pertinent security data from your hybrid IT environment and provides tailored recommendations to bolster your defenses. This tool will analyse your company’s IT security status in less than a week’s time and identify areas for improvement in your security infrastructure.

Stay Alert to cyberattacks: CSAT's Proven
Solution for Risk Management

For any organization big or small, facing the pressing issue of cyber security becomes one of the most grappling challenges in recent times. With technology advancing rapidly, cyber attackers are becoming more sophisticated, exploiting vulnerabilities in IT infrastructures, cloud services, and networks. Amidst these mounting risks, organizations are left to deal with a crucial question: How can they assess their cybersecurity effectively? Without a clear understanding of their security status and potential weaknesses, they are left vulnerable and exposed to potential cyber threats.

This is where FLYONIT’ S Cyber Security Assessment Tool (CSAT) comes into play. CSAT is a tool that empowers organizations to take control of their cyber security by providing automated scans and analyses, collecting data from IT environments and providing them with necessary solutions. Without CSAT, businesses may find it challenging to identify and address potential vulnerabilities efficiently, compromising their overall security posture.

The true power of CSAT

Gives a Comprehensive insight into you Cyber Security status.

Identifies technological measures to enhance your security infrastructure

Delves into Office 365, Teams, Azure to detect Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Collects data from Windows and Linux endpoints, including local accounts, firewall rules, applications, etc.

CSAT uses dissolvable agents which delete themselves following the endpoint scan.

CSAT retrieves User and Group information and pinpoints suspicious user activity

How It Works

Keep a Check on Your Cyber Security with

Why choose FLYONIT?

At FLYONIT, we understand how important it is to protect your data from cyber threats. That's why we offer CSAT, an advanced Cyber Security Assessment Tool, designed to empower businesses like yours with comprehensive security insights and actionable recommendations. CSAT is not just an assessment tool; it's a step towards proactive security measures that shield your organization from the ever-evolving cyber landscape. So, when you choose FLYONIT, you're choosing excellence in cyber protection and a partner committed to your security success. With FLYONIT, take control of your Cyber Security journey today.


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