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Next-generation education spaces support

FLYONIT is dedicated to raising the standard of IT support within schools, colleges, and universities. We offer all from Managed IT Services for educational institutes to Cloud Integration and unlimited technical support. 

  • We fix technical problems fast and minimize costs.
  • We ensure security for your staff and students both online and offline
  • Institution obtained unlimited technical support via our completely managed help desk.
  • We back up vital data and information with Cloud storage solutions. 

At FLYONIT we understand that every educational body has a different set of IT requirements and challenges that they achieve each day. We help universities, schools, and colleges to overcome and conquer these problems. FLYONIT is your chosen IT department, offering your educational organization unlimited support and services that are custom-made to encounter the education sector.

We have a devoted IT for Education Team, containing professional advisers and technical engineers. We have assisted to select the most suitable IT solutions and services along with focus new emerging technologies developed especially for the educational market.
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