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Cyber Security Assessment Tool

In the business world, staying informed about the activities in the Social-Technical layer presents a challenge. The intricate IT infrastructure is prone to constant changes, leading to manual monitoring and assessment difficulty.

FLYONIT introduces the Cyber Security Assessment Tool – a state-of-the-art software solution designed to evaluate your organization’s security status and unearth vulnerabilities within your IT infrastructure. By scanning key components like Endpoints, Active Directory, Microsoft 365, and Azure, this tool extracts relevant security data from your hybrid IT environment and offers tailored recommendations. This tool scrutinizes your company’s IT security status in under a week and pinpoints areas for enhancement.

In today’s dynamic landscape, the urgency of cyber security confronts companies of all sizes. As technology progresses, cyber attackers become more sophisticated, exploiting weak spots in IT systems, cloud services, and networks. Amid these rising threats, the critical question is: How to defend the digital landscape from cyber threats? They’re always exposed to potential cyber threats without a clear grasp of vulnerabilities.

FLYONIT’s Cyber Security Assessment Tool, or CSAT, strengthens organizations to regain control over their cyber security by automating scans and analyses, collecting vital data from IT environments, and offering actionable solutions.

The True Power of CSAT

  • Gives a Comprehensive insight into your Cyber Security status.
  • Identifies technological measures to enhance your security infrastructure
  • Delves into Office 365, Teams, Azure to detect Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Collects data from Windows and Linux endpoints, including local accounts, firewall rules, applications, etc.
  • CSAT uses dissolvable agents which delete themselves following the endpoint scan.
  • CSAT retrieves User and Group information and pinpoints suspicious user activity
  • Discover registered mobile devices from Intune and recommend compliance policies

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Why Choose FLYONIT?

We understand the significance of safeguarding your data from cyber threats. Our CSAT, an advanced Tool, empowers businesses like yours with comprehensive insights and actionable recommendations. Beyond being an assessment tool, CSAT takes an important step towards proactive security in a constantly evolving cyber realm. By choosing FLYONIT, you embrace cyber protection excellence and a dedicated partner in securing your success. Forge your path to robust cyber security with FLYONIT today.

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