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Why should You Audit and Report Your Microsoft Azure Environment?

Microsoft Azure is the leading and standard cloud platform in the world and it keeps gaining popularity. This makes Azure a target for hackers, which is why you need to pay attention to the security of your Azure environment. To ensure your Microsoft Azure environment is adequately secure, you need to conduct occasional audits.

Microsoft Azure offers an easy way for legal and compliance specialists inside organizations to gain access to tools and info to assist client’s to operate in a reliable and compliant way. This comprises access to governance, risk as well as tools or managing security, access settings, device management policies.

Such audits will assist you to do the following:
• Decrease the risk of hacking attacks and data breaches
• Increase visibility into your network
• Deliver data for investigating cybersecurity incidents
• Respond to cybersecurity incidents efficiently

Microsoft’s effective Azure platform includes cloud computing services that integrate open-source, standards-based technologies from Microsoft and other technology companies. The Azure Security Audit Services helps organizations to develop their IT security posture by enhancing their Azure configuration.

Our experience with Microsoft Azure shows our best periodic audits of the Azure environment’s security. In providing this service our professionals investigate and evaluate important areas of the Azure infrastructure including the up-to-date configuration and available supporting customer information. We then conduct a risk analysis of the Azure implementation, make recommendations to improve the organizational security posture.

Some of the areas we investigate and verify comprise:
– Resource groups
– Storage accounts
– Virtual machines and networks
– Application services
– SQL and cosmos databases
– Load balancing

The security of your Azure environment should be a primacy for enterprises during all stages of the system development. By leveraging compliance offerings of Microsoft Azure cloud solutions you can assist your organization and your clients to understand its benefits.

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