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Website Maintenance

Many companies spend a lot in building their website but then they don’t maintain it properly.
They don’t realize that if they don’t maintain and update their website, they would lose credibility & sales.
Your business website is after all the digital face of your company.
It should keep working smoothly all the time and for that regular website maintenance is highly necessary.

Why choose FLYONIT for website maintenance?

We are experts in website design, development & maintenance with years of experience. Over the years, our team of highly experience and knowledgeable professionals have worked closely with the clients as well as supported them with end-to-end web solutions, helping them stand out in the crowd.

Our team of talented professionals will analyse your current site as well as provide you suggestions for improvement. We will take full responsibility of updating as well as operating your site, allowing you to focus on what is more important to you.

We can fix any website related issues. We will provide the visitors of your site with updated information on products as well as services, hours of operations, specials, as well as other key information about your business. We will provide a reason for your site visitors as well as clients to browse your site again. We can also manage issues like hacking, virus attack, data breach, etc. We will put all our efforts to keep your site maintained & updated all the time. After all that is our ultimate priority.

To learn more about our website maintenance solutions & AMC plan, contact us today.

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Key benefits of website maintenance:

  • Regular maintenance can keep your site working smoothly all the time
  • It can help you attract new visitors
  • It can bring you more credible links
  • It can help you satisfy your existing customers
  • If you update your site with new fresh content on a regular basis, your search engine rankings will improve.

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We are proficient in:

  • Custom PHP
  • JQuery
  • Ajax
  • WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Nation Builder, Shopify, etc
  • Html, CSS
  • JavaScriptMySQL, NoSQL, MSSQL ,PostgreSQL

What we serve:

  • Suggestions on Site Performance or design aspects
  • Complete Website Maintenance Support
  • Periodical Website Performance check-up
  • Instant website updates
  • Server performance checkups
  • Virus, Bugs as well as browser incompatibility removal
  • Monthly website and Database backup
  • Monthly site visitor report
  • Unlimited changes within website contents
  • On demand Backup</li>  <li>Check if all forms are working properly
  • Update CMS Core &amp; Plug-in
  • Check for any broken link
  • Fix 404 errors
  • Third party apps integration
  • Technical support
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