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UP 2014 – Cloud Awards

FLYONIT has been nominated for the UP 2014 – Cloud Awards in the category of Best Content Management Solution. 

FLYONIT uses the one of the best open source CMS for it’s clients websites. Our CMS provides flexibility to integrate different modules like e-commerce, social networking tools, article management, etc. To work with our CMS, the client just needs a good internet connection and a web browser.

Please vote for FLYONIT by selecting FLYONIT on . Currently, we are running on the top of the list and please support to maintain it. In this qualifier round only top 3 finalists will be defined by a consensus based Borda Count voting system, where voters can make up to 5 choices per single vote in order of preference. In the final and decisive round, one winner in each category is chosen by onsite UP 2014 conference attendees.

The awards nominations are considered on the following criteria:

  • Innovation – Does the product have new or improved capabilities? Does it introduce new or improved technologies?
  • Integration – Does the product operate and easily integrate with existing systems? Does the product fit to budget, team size, technologies and vendors involved?
  • Functionality – Does the product delivers what it claims?
  • Value – Is the solution cost effective and adds value to the firm?
  • Usability and Scalability – Are the products functions clear and easy to use?

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