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Top 6 reasons to upgrade to Magento 2

Magento 2, released in November 2015, has delivered on its promise of being a much improved version of the Magento 1 platform.   Magento 2’s cool features as well as improved performance have provided customers with a faster as well as easier shopping experience.

Although Magento 1 will be officially supported with security issues patched until November 2018, any new features will not be added.

In this blog, I will outline some of the main benefits of Magento 2.

Improved Performance

Magento 2 was designed keeping performance in mind. Page load time in Magento 2 is 30% to 50% faster. It has been seen that Magento 2 can handle 39% more orders every hour with 66% faster add-to-cart times than Magento 1.

Improved performance leads to more user interaction with your website, more products added to your cart, as well as more sales.

Better functionality also means that it can also handle more traffic. It can manage 10 million page views per hour. At checkout, Magento 2 CE can handle 50,000 orders an hour and Magento 2 EE handles 90,000.

Better admin interface

The new admin interface of Magento 2 is designed in order to help minimize the time managing an online store. It is a lot more user-friendly as well as easier for new team members to learn.

Admin will be able to customize the admin panel; hence important business information can be quickly accessed.

The new step-by-step product creation tools will enable you to more accurately as well as quickly add products to your online store. It makes adding products almost 4 times faster in Magento 2.

The admin interface also includes drag-and-drop layout editing which means that you will not need huge coding knowledge in order to modify a store’s appearance. You can create a beautiful store just in half the time.

Now adding product video from YouTube or Vimeo has also become very simple.

User-friendly checkout

Reducing the checkout process time is very important in order to reduce abandoned carts as well as increase conversions. In Magento 2, the checkout process is more streamlined, which makes it much easier as well as quicker for customers to go from cart to completed order. It is highly customizable & requires less steps as well as customer information.  Every online store made with Magento 2 will have a more intuitive checkout process by default.

When a guest goes to checkout from add to cart, they are brought to a default checkout screen where they are asked to enter their email address. If their email address matches with an existing email, they can checkout faster with saved information. Guests can also create an account just in one click from the order Thank You page.

Popular extensions integrated

Also, Magento 2 integrates a number of popular extensions. Hence online stores have better functionality out of the box. Two major inclusions are Braintree as well as PayPal.

There are also integrations with Cybersource as well as Worldpay in order to increase payment security.

Mobile responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness is high important for improving sales, as today shoppers are more comfortable shopping on smartphones as well as tablets. This is the reason why Magento team has made mobile responsiveness a priority in the Magento 2 platform.

Magento 2 has responsive themes, integrated videos as well as mobile friendly checkout. Even the admin panel is touch-screen friendly. Hence store owners will be easily able to manage their store using their tablets or mobile phones.

Advanced technologies

Magento 2 uses the current technologies such as HTML, PHP, MySQL as well as JQuery.

In a nutshell

Don’t you want to reap the benefits of this highly customisable platform as well as have a unique selling experience? Then migrate to Magento 2 today. The new functionalities as well as performance improvements in both the Enterprise & Community editions will definitely make the migration worthwhile.

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