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Top 5 Reasons Your Readers Are Not Sharing Your Content

Have you been highly disappointed by the performance of your content? Inspite of working hard on content, is it not getting shared? Almost 60% of B2B marketers say that creating engaging content is one of their biggest challenges.

Social shares are one of the most valuable elements when it comes to content marketing. It gives your brand more exposure as well as increases your relevance as well as reputation among your target audience. It gives your social profiles more visibility, which in turn can help you increase your social media following. It also registers your brand as more authoritative in Google’s search algorithm, & help you rank higher in search engines, as well as generate more direct referral traffic.

If your content is not getting shared, you will be missing out on all these advantages. However, by figuring out why exactly your content is not getting shared and resolving the issues effectively, you will be able to increase the impact of your campaign instantly.

Today in this blog, I’ll be sharing some common reasons why customers are not sharing your content on social media.

Your headlines may not be powerful enough

Headline of content is very important. If your headline is not that powerful, customers will not even click on your link, forget about sharing. As revealed by NPR’s April Fools’ Day prank, a powerful content has the potential to make customers share your content even without reading. This is the reason why today content marketers recommend spending good amount of time crafting a good as well as powerful headline.

Work hard to make sure that the title of your content is concise, catchy, emotionally charged, as well as descriptive with at least 1 action-based word that can motivate the readers to click on the link.

You content may not have anything new to say

Your customers will share your content only if it has something new to say. But if you simply just rehash your old content, or just reconstitute something that you read in the news 1 month ago, your customers will not pay much attention to your content and will not share it.

You should aim to write something new as well as interesting. You should strive for specificity. You can write on topics that are trending in the media.

May be your content is either too short or too long

Is your content getting clicked but not shared? It may be because of the length of your content.

According to recent studies, there is a ‘happy medium’ for content. Content that are either too short or too long can suffer in many different ways. For example, posts that are too short may not inspire your audiences to click on your content in the future whereas content that are too long may lead to disinterest as well as higher bounce rate. Hence, you should work hard for the middle ground with content between 1,000 & 1,500 words as these are more likely to attract the highest number of shares.

Your content may not have any visual elements

These days, if you don’t illustrate your content with visual elements, your content won’t be shared. Visual elements like images, graphs, tables, gifs or embedded videos are almost a necessity to influence a social share. By adding visual elements to your content, it will be easier for you to attract more attention.

Visuals can help you increase audience engagement as well as social media shares. They also make it easy to convey a message more easily as well as quickly. According to recent studies, content that uses images throughout are more likely to get shared. If you don’t add visuals, it may blend in with everything else in the newsfeed.

Your content may not be practical

If you want your content to be shared, you have to write content that are practical and that offers value to your audience. If your content offers no value or very little value, it will of course not be shared by your readers. On the other hand, if you write a content that offers valuable tools, insights as well as tips, it will be highly shared around the web.

Now when you know the reason why your content is not getting shared, it will easier for you to resolve the issues effectively and make your content more shareable.

Also stay patient, consistent and work hard to create highly engaging content.

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