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StorageCraft Cloud Backup for Office 365

With more than 23 million users using Office 365, Microsoft Office 365 has currently become the most common business productivity suite. It allows users to work online, share files, spreadsheets, and work from mobile devices or home. It is undoubtedly the perfect business cloud. However, when it comes to data backup and recovery, it isn’t that perfect.

Microsoft will offer you protection from incidents that may happen at its data centers. However, it is not safe from other incidents like:

  • When someone has deleted an Office 365 file by mistake & then closed the application;
  • A dissatisfied employee intentionally destroyed some important information of the company;
  • Someone gains unauthorized access to company data & deletes files.

Why Trust FLYONIT?

At FLYONIT, we can provide you StorageCraft Cloud Backup for Office 365 and help you protect your data with unlimited backups, super fast recovery as well as an easy to use portal.

With this software, we will help you backup all types of Office 365 objects. You can easily backup calendar, contacts & email as well as restore to the same Exchange Online account. You can also backup SharePoint Online & OneDrive as separate items as well as restore if needed.

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Why Choose StorageCraft Cloud Services?

With StorageCraft Cloud Services, you can have the tools that are needed in order to quickly get running again in case your company has experienced a major local disaster. It will store your backups remotely so that you can be ready for the worst.

Know what benefits you will get from StorageCraft Cloud Backup for Office 365

  • It provides automated daily backups of data
  • It will help you protect your data against user errors, malicious attacks, as well as system problems
  • It will let you search for as well as instantly restore Office 365 data, & do so from a single management console
  • It covers SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, as well as OneDrive for Business
StorageCraft Cloud Backup for Office 365

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