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Reduce Your Bounce Rate & Improve Conversions with These 5 Simple Ways

You might have worked hard building your dream website. But still people are not sticking around in order to read your content, right?

High bounce rate, which means a large percentage of visitors who navigate away from your website after viewing only 1 page — is a common problem plaguing small-business websites. It is like your visitors have landed on your website but then said “no… this is not actually for me.”

Every website’s goal is to grab a user’s attention, as well as hold on to it for as long as possible. Longer visits translate to more engagements & conversions and also mean better search rankings on Google.

But how can you reduce bounce rate as well as keep your visitors on your website for longer time? In this blog, I have listed some easy and effective ways that can help you minimize bounce rate & improve conversions.

Improve the load time of your website

You may lose potential customers if your site takes more than 2 seconds to load. In a recent research, it has been found that over 47% of visitors expect a website to load in 2 seconds. Not only this, over 52 percent shopper said that faster website loads is very important for their loyalty to a website. Also, over 51 percent said that they won’t be completing a purchase if a site is excessively slow. Hence, ensuring the highest possible loading speed is very important in this era. It should not be forgotten that even a delay of one second may have negative impacts on your business.

Add internal links

If your website has related topics, why don’t you link them? By linking to quality content on your page, you can easily keep your site visitors engaged for a longer time. Your visitors may visit more pages & read more information while realizing that you are offering them great value.

Make your website content more readable

Readability is highly important when it comes to attracting & keeping visitors on a website for longer time. If your page consists of long, unbroken piece of dense texts, your visitors will simply leave your site without reading your content.

To make your content more readable, you can adopt the following techniques:

  • Cut paragraphs so that they consist of not more than 2 to 5 sentences
  • Use subheads in order to break up content into sections
  • Bold or italicize key words as well as phrases
  • Try using bullet or numbered lists whenever possible

Ensure your navigation is easy & simple

A recent research has found that around 60% of the time people cannot find the information that they are looking for on a website. This is because the website’s main navigation is just not clear.

That is why keeping your navigation as easy, simple & understandable as possible is highly important. If your website is difficult to navigate, your website visitors will simply leave. Navigation menus on websites should not have too many links, drop-downs, & options, as this can lead to visitors feeling lost.

Make your website look professional

Ensure your website looks professional, reputable & not spammy.Today you can get many DIY website building platforms but the pages made with them won’t look as impressive as the ones that are designed by the professionals.

In order to create a perfect first impression on your visitors, you are supposed to make sure that it’s not only the web pages’ design that looks professional, but also the content is of top quality and if you want to post visuals, you should make sure that you use only top quality images as well as videos.

So if you want your visitors to stay on your website longer, then simply follow the above listed steps without fail. These tips will help you reduce your bounce rate as well as improve your conversion rate dramatically.

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