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Microsoft Teams Healthcare Solutions

Empower frontline healthcare workers with Microsoft Teams and improve health team collaboration and enhance your patient engagement.

Explore the Capabilities of Microsoft Teams for your healthcare organization:

  • One tool, multiple capalities,Teams serves as an all-in-one solution for fostering productivity, collaboration, and communication across the frontline workers, housing tools such as Secure Messaging with smart camera capabilities, Virtual Appointments, Walkie-Talkie, and Shifts.
  • Consistency across all users,Teams could support the business and technical needs across all care teams within the healthcare organization and serve as a platform for real-time interaction and data sharing among all its users
  • Access from anywhere,Teams enables users to access data and communicate and collaborate from anywhere, an aspect that was a huge priority with the rise in telehealth and remote work.
  • Enhanced frontline productivity,Teams enabled faster, easier, and more secure communication among care teams and healthcare professionals in the organizations. With one digital workspace across the organization, frontline workers could collaborate and relay instructions or requests in real-time, without interrupting their work in progress
  • Increased meeting productivity, Teams enabled healthcare organizations to deliver an intuitive and consistent meeting experience across all workers from one central solution.

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