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Lift Emergency Alarm

The National Broadband Network or nbn is replacing the existing fixed phone as well as internet networks through Australia. This migration is going to affect the buildings having lifts as the emergency phone technology will not be operating during the nbn outage, either caused by a network issue or a power failure.

The lift telephone line is a highly important feature of lift’s safely system. It enables people to call for help during an emergency. If your lift telephone isn’t operational all the time, your building will not be meeting the Australian Standard for lift phones as well as you may be in breach of Workplace Health & Safety legislation.

What is the solution for your emergency lift phone?

The DET or Duress and Emergency Telephone service offers a cellular, battery powered backup for your lift telephone during an nbn™ outage.

Utilizing Dual SIM connectivity, the DET or Duress and Emergency Telephone unit emulates the reliability of your traditional copper connection. The DET unit comes standard with 12 hours of battery backup, powering the unit in the event of a network outage.


  • Each unit replaces upto 4 PSTN lines
  • Option to attach other critical lines requiring redundancy (such as freezer alarms, security lines, gas lines, etc.)
  • Unique facility allowing the call centre to identify which one of up to 4 lifts is calling and dial out to those lifts
  • Remote, proactive monitoring of critical functions (battery voltage, signal strength, fault line, etc.)
  • Periodic heartbeat to monitoring centre to confirm system health & functionality
  • Comprehensive maintenance service
  • Remote configuration of all settings as well as updating of hardware’s software
  • On board storage of custom voice messages
Lift Emergency Alarm

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How do you make sure that your lift phone line is operational over the nbn™?

Emergency telecommunication systems operating over The National Broadband network needs to be connected to a secondary communications technology like a mobile network connection with a battery backup included. Your lift phone line must operate automatically during a power outage affecting the nbn™.

Fibre to the Premise or FTTP, Fibre to the Node or FTTN as well as Hybrid-Fibre Coaxial or HTC connections will not be working during a power failure. Buildings with these connection types have to upgrade their lift’s emergency telephone technology.

How can FLYONIT help you?

At FLYONIT, our team of highly experienced professionals can provide you with The DET or Duress and Emergency Telephone service.  We are a proud partner of Telstra, Australia’s leading provider of mobile phones, mobile devices, home phones and broadband internet.

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