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What Is an Insider Threat? 

An insider threat is a security breach risk situation posed by people from within an organization. An insider can be a current or former employee, or a third party such as a business partner or contractor, who has authorized access to sensitive information and can divulge, modify or delete data records.  

According to a recent Verizon study, close to half of small business breaches were caused by internal threat actors. 

The actors behind these threats could be anyone from a negligent employee clicking on a malicious email link to a disgruntled employee willfully stealing your intellectual property. 

Most Common Consequences of an Insider Attack   

  • Loss of critical business and customer data  
  • Disclosure of trade secrets  
  • Financial costs and losses  
  • Reputation and brand damage  
  • Loss in market value  
  • Loss of customer trust and business  
  • Regulatory compliance violations and fines 

Build a Proactive Defense Strategy to Reduce Insider Threats

The best way to protect yourself from these insider threats is to build a resilient cybersecurity posture. To tackle this menace, you need to detect insider threats early, undertake remediation measures and repeat the process regularly. 

If creating a defense strategy takes up a lot of your time and effort than what you can set aside right now, our expertise in cybersecurity and insider threats might be what you need. 

Cybersecurity isn’t complete without Insider Threat Prevention and ignoring them can be dangerous for your business. 

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