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Improve Hybrid Work Infrastructure with Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 successfully provides all the needs of a modern workplace. It always enables teams to work together in real-time, increases productivity and collaboration, streamlines workflows, and much more. With the help of Microsoft Office 365, your total team can work together securely and efficiently from anywhere. From a product perspective, this platform has a wide range of integrated services and apps that leverage the power of cloud technology.

Microsoft Office 365 is designed in a way that it can help organizations to realize the power of business creativity and collaboration. It also creates a seamless integration between Office 365 business applications and services. As a result, users can easily collaborate from wherever they work. Also every day, Microsoft is constantly adding new features. Despite that, the company is planning to add more exciting updates this year. As a result, many companies will get more hybrid tools to enable their hybrid teams. So, everything comes under a single platform, where all employees of an organization can call, chat, share files, meet and work easily, and realize teamwork and productivity.  Here you can find many ways to use Microsoft 365 to facilitate an uber-productive hybrid Melbourne office space.

  1. Microsoft Teams Features– Microsoft Teams successfully combines the best features of messaging channels and virtual video meetings. Thus, it creates a platform, which is designed as a secured hub and can be used for online work. Microsoft Teams is much more than a normal messaging app. With the help of the Teams, you can successfully get the following features-
    1. Best security settings like smart attachments and smart links
    2. Effortlessly integrate your VoIP phone system into Teams
    3. Get Presenter modes that look more professional
    4. Ability to register for webinars
  2. New Meeting Options in Outlook– When you are online and jumping off, a significant challenge is to inform your managers and colleagues. So, to increase the coordination of hybrid teams, Outlook brings a new feature. Using this feature, users can RSVP to meetings and clarify that the meeting will be in-person or remote.
  3. Give Your Presentation in a Better Way– Presenting a PowerPoint while sharing your screen is a great technique. But, it is very difficult to keep the audience engaged throughout the presentation. Teams bring a new feature, named Cameo. It enables the seamless integration of PowerPoint with Teams. This will enable you, as the presenter, to ensure that the presentation appears as intended.
  4. Get Help with Your Presentation Skills– With the help of AI capabilities, anyone can give a perfect virtual presentation. This feature is just like a personalized coach, which can easily help you to improve your presentation skills and also make both remote and in-person presentations easier.

What facilities you will get?

  1. Built-in Data Recovery– Automatically, Office 365 backs up all your data online. It also comes with some backup and redundancy mechanisms. So, now it will be very much easy for you to recover lost or corrupted data.
  2. Secured Environment– Your all sensitive data will be well-protected by an inbuilt spam filter and antivirus.
  3. Less Overall Cost– With the help of the features like built-in backup measures, monthly feature release cycles, and auto-updates, the overall maintenance cost will be very low.
  4. Enterprise IT Management– When Microsoft hosts Office 365, your IT team has admin rights and tools to easily create and manage users. Also, they will get some high-end business-class features like IT phone support.

You can choose an Office 365 suitable plan as per your business requirements. Please contact us, if you want Microsoft Office 365 buy now.

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