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Get Unparalleled Value with Dynamics 365

Nowadays, marketing has always been a team sport. It is even more so in today’s landscape. Marketers are being chartered to think about the entire customer journey and become champions across the organization to improve the end-to-end customer experience. Invariably, they are asked to be more agile in responding to market conditions, more efficient in creating content and delivering it with higher quality, greater impact, and evidence that they are delivering business impact. To meet every one of these challenges head-on, Dynamics 365 Marketing can help you effortlessly.

It gives you the flexibility to easily collaborate across people, departments, and applications, like never before. It also helps to personalize customer interactions throughout the customer journey. And also using real-time customer journey orchestration, it can successfully design custom experiences to happen at key moments.

Capabilities of Dynamics 365

Now, we will discuss some exciting features of Dynamics 365, which are very much useful for business users and marketers alike.

  1. Easily collaborate to harness the full power of your team– To create actionable moments, marketing teams need to react quickly to market conditions. So, Microsoft brings Microsoft Teams chat natively into Dynamics 365 for Marketing. It successfully allows you to easily collaborate with your team without leaving the flow of work. As, each Teams chat is tied to the individual work item, it enables everyone involved with the project to have the same context. Thus, it increases focus so they can create the highest-impact emails, journeys, and other content more efficiently. With this better engagement, customer-facing teams can create impactful journeys and easily search or filter to find relevant interaction history.
  2. A hyper-personalized experience with ease– Companies with significant growth typically have greater use of personalized marketing. Personalization drives impact successfully. It is important to increase the likelihood that customers will make an initial purchase, repurchase, and recommend your product or service to others.
    To make this easier, you can use reusable content fragments. It successfully allows your team to quickly assemble beautiful emails with just a few clicks. These content fragments can include personalization, layout, and advanced elements. As a result, there is no limit on the content you can create and save for reuse.
    Next, to personalize your emails without the need to know the underlying data model to do it, you can use pre-defined dynamic text. By creating conditional content with an easy-to-use, no-code experience, you can also customize and personalize your emails.
  3. Design custom experiences with flexibility and agility– In Dynamics 365 Marketing, you can find native support for SMS providers Twillio and Telesign. It enables your organizations to connect around the world via SMS. This feature allows you to continue conversations with your customers by taking action on SMS keyword responses. You will be able to create custom keywords for use in SMS replies. Thus, it will manage the journey based on feedback to ensure agility and flexibility in your customer experience.
  4. Leading the next generation of business applications– With the 2022 release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing, you can elevate end-to-end customer experiences successfully. It will be more agile in responding to market conditions and also be more efficient in content creation. Moreover, it can successfully deliver it all with higher quality and greater impact.

It successfully helps you to elevate your customer experiences. Use Dynamics 365 and explore real-time customer journey orchestration and other rich capabilities. To know more, please contact us.

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