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FLYONIT – Empowering Collaboration with Cisco Webex

How does Webex work?

Flyonit offers a fully integrated collaboration experience through Webex, bringing together cloud calling, advanced messaging, and meetings capabilities in a single app. Webex is a global leader in cloud-based collaboration services, allowing users to call, message, and meet from any device. With Flyonit’s PSTN calling capabilities through BroadWorks, Webex serves as the cloud-ready PBX replacement for businesses of any size.

The updated Webex experience seamlessly integrates teams, customers, and work for anytime, anywhere communication. You can call, message, meet, and share across multiple workspaces on any device, whether it’s a PC, Mac, iOS or Android tablet or smartphone.

With Webex, you can enjoy all the tools to empower your team to collaborate in one place, from anywhere. The platform keeps your information safe and secure with end-to-end encryption. Persistent spaces ensure that you never lose your content, and intuitive filters allow you to search across people, spaces, messages, and files to find what you need quickly.

Webex offers crystal-clear calling with native in-app voice and video calling features, as well as hassle-free video conferencing for secure HD meetings on any device. You can also enjoy the latest messaging features, such as @mentions, emojis, and gifs, and threaded message support for quick and direct contact with teammates, internal or external, in a group space or via direct messages.

Team collaboration tools, including a virtual workspace, allow you to get work done with others, one-to-one or as teams. You can chat, meet, share files, and link your productivity apps all within your virtual space to keep your work and conversations organized. Working as a team has never been easier with Webex by Flyonit.

FLYONIT – Empowering Collaboration with Cisco Webex

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