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e-Learning has transformed the educational sector and is growing tremendously. It has completely changed our outlook on skill acquisition and knowledge. It is providing learners with a more effective and interesting educational experience. Today, more and more employees and students are using eLearning for developing new skills. It has been seen that about 46% of students in colleges are getting themselves enrolled in atleast one online course. Even in corporate sectors, eLearning has become very popular.

e-Learning is also considered as green learning. It benefits the environment. It is eco-friendly. According to a research by Britain’s Open University, e-learning consumes almost 90% less energy than conventional courses.

Managed IT Services

We provide complete IT support for business industry including network support, remote support, setup & maintenance and many more.

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Web based services

We create appealing & highly functional website for business corporate to help them attract more visitors, explain their treatment using 3D animation & improve patient communication.

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Hardware and Software

We can supply anything your business may require from a mouse to a fully fledged server cluster and everything in between, including workstations, servers, network appliances, security appliances etc.

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Managed IT Services

Since years we have been providing tailored IT support services to various education institutions and therefore we know well how to make IT work for your education institution. We have a pool of highly skilled and experienced professionals that possess a wealth of knowledge and are highly customer focused. We aim to monitor and manage all your critical IT systems and networks so that you can focus on your core competency. Through proactive monitoring of your network & IT system, we can detect and prevent IT related issues right in the first place.

Key Points

  • Periodic Audits of IT systems & Issues
  • Emergency Services & Problem Resolution
  • 24×7 Remote Monitoring
  • Backup & Disaster-Recovery Solutions
  • Live Help Desk Support

Web Based Services

Just having a normal website is not enough for your business. You need to have an extraordinary website that can help you stand out from the crowd. After all, first impression matters and you will never get a second change to make a great first impression. If your website is not highly functional, informative and user-friendly, your visitors will leave your website within seconds.

AT FLYONIT, We create appealing & highly functional websites for organizations to help them attract more visitors, explain their treatment using 3D animation & improve patient communication. Since years, we have been designing industry specific websites and helping businesses to grow their sales. Our first priority is to improve your website’s search engine ranking and double your productivity.

Hardware and Software

We supply everything from mouse, printers, monitors to workstations, servers, network appliances, security appliances etc.

We are an Australian owned and operated hardware distributor with over 15 years’ experience. Our dedicated sales team comprises of experienced product specialists who are focused on using their in-depth knowledge to help customers tailor solutions to suit their client’s needs.

Selling exclusively to over 3000 resellers, FLYONIT prides itself on establishing and developing strong long term relationships with its customer base to help facilitate growth. Our product portfolio comprises of leading technology vendors including HP, Cisco, Toshiba, ASUS, Lenovo, Microsoft.


E-Learning Future Predictions

Meeting the learning needs of the current generation is very challenging as there is a continuous change in the education system. Currently Universities & Schools are undergoing tremendous change brought by technology in the field of learning. Mobile technology has shaped the education world to such a level today, that it has become very important for every educator to bring knowledge towards every accessible device. Educators or learners today need quick & instant solutions which are different from traditional methodology of learning and teaching.

Cloud based learning is going to be the norm

The demand for high quality, inexpensive and global training will be increasing. More schools, colleges and workplaces will be adopting cloud based learning.

Bring your own device (BYOD) trend will become more popular

These days learners in schools, colleges and workplaces are becoming smarter. They bring their own devices for learning in their learning place. This trend is expected to continue in the near future.

More MOOC are on the way

Since last 3 years, there is a rapid rise in massive open online courses. Out of top 25 US universities, 22 are now offering free online courses. This trend of MOOC is going to become more and more popular.

More informal learning will come

Informal learning is no more a new concept. It is transforming the learning environment. The internet driven generation is now using interactive social media for informal learning. This informal learning practice is expected to continue in the future.

Online video will become more popular

Greater use of learning videos can be seen in workplaces, schools and universities in near future. With video lessons, effective communications can be earned in the learning environment. As online video lessons are more versatile and engaging, it will become more and more popular in the near future.

When it comes to E-learning and Mobile education, FLYONIT is your ideal technology partner providing you cutting edge application & technology in the field of education.

Our Solutions

FLYONIT has integrated their web services with Moodle, which is one of the largest open source learning platform. Other web services can be easily integrated with Moodle, which will help users create a sound knowledge base, participate in global forums, communicate with others and improve their skills.
Key features of this web service is:

Custom e-Learning

Customized or tailor made eLearning solutions for your laptops and desktop that impact performance and drives your business growth.

Custom mobile learning

Customized mobile learning solutions for your tablets and smartphones so that you can learn even on the go.


best value, responsive learning management system which can be accessible from your laptop, desktop, tablet or Smartphone

Game based learning

Fun gaming that is designed for learner’s skill application and increased participation. It incorporates educational content into video games.

Responsive design

We develop multi-device eLearning solutions for this multi-device world.

Major LMS Features List


User has to sign up to take the Course, after logged in user can manage the “My Profile” profile.

My Profile:

User can check the recent achievement result. The result will be sent through mail. So they can check the Awards & Points through test. Video content of course will be available.


2 types of courses are available free & paid course. User can take the course, all the lessons of course & quiz will be available. Course will be displayed category wise, also topic will be available for each lesson. User can complete the test & also will get completion mail. Course status will be changed automatically.

Multi-Tire Course:

Multi- tire facility is available, so all the courses will be segregated into lesson, category, quiz, topic etc.

Online payment gateway integration:

Subscriptions facility will be available for paid courses. Paypal will be the payment gateway. After purchasing the course, users will get unique access. Also Infusionsoft will capture the transaction details of the users.

Advance Quiz:

All the custom questions set up & message will be managed from admin section.

Dynamic Forum:

All the enrolled users can interact with the Forums.

Timer Set up:

Admin can set the timer to complete per lesson. Within the predefined time users have to complete the lessons. Otherwise it will be skipped into the next lesson.

User Management:

Admin can manage the entire user profile.

Multi Site Enabled:

LearnDash can be used into multi site WordPress network.

Email notification:

Any types of action by user like registration, taking course, quiz etc will be sent mail.

Add on Features

  • Creation of unlimited membership level & connect with the specific courses.
  • Set up different campaign modules or achievement of different campaign goals after completion any course by students.
  • Any course progress can be maintained.
  • Infusionsoft is like one stop solution to sell course, manage students’ activities etc.


FLYONIT commits to deliver solutions tailored to meet unique learning needs; solutions that are designed to be engaging while providing user-centric learning experiences.

We focus on consultative approach and develop custom mobility solutions and products which provide effective learning as well as guaranteed Return On Investment to the clients.

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