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Business Continuity Solution

Do you know that around 70 percent of businesses that suffer a significant data loss go out of business within 1 year?
This is the reason why it is highly important to have a good backup, disaster recovery as well as business continuity plan in place.

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Business Continuity Solution

Key Benefits of Business Continuity Solution

  • Understand your data
  • Protect Your Entire Company
  • Have peace of mind knowing your data is recovery ready
  • Reduce downtime dramatically
  • Only back up the data that has changed
  • Seamlessly share as well as protect files

How we help you:

  • At FLYONIT, we have partnered with Datto in order to provide IT disaster recovery as well as business continuity solutions using Datto SIRIS 3 technology.
  • We believe that Datto is the ideal solution for companies where downtime is not an option.


What we serve:

  • The business continuity platform can provide you with a complete data protection solution in one integrated package. Whether your system operates on Mac, Windows or Linux, SIRIS 3 has you covered. Offering sophisticated features, SIRIS 3 makes use of the latest technologies in order to keep your business running.
  • If you would like to see which files have been created, modified, or deleted between backup points, SIRIS 3 makes it easy. With Datto’s Backup Insights technology, you will be able to quickly find when specific files were lost or emails were deleted.
  • Whether you run the Windows or Linux OS, SIRIS 3 has you covered. Regardless of your computing platform, you will be able to enjoy powerful business continuity capabilities benefits.
  • This product’s Screenshot Backup Verification will provide you visual proof that your valuable data has been backed up successfully. You will be receiving a screenshot verification, providing you the confirmation that the backups are without any errors or data corruption.
  • This product’s instant virtualization will help you reduce downtime dramatically . If a server fails for some reason, a virtual version of that server will be created instantly, automatically right on the SIRIS device, & your business applications will shift to running on the virtual server and that too within 6 seconds and if the problem is more widespread, your entire network will be up as well as running in the Datto Cloud within a few minutes.
  • We provides you secure file sync as well as share capabilities with ownCloud on SIRIS. You can share as well as access files stored on your SIRIS device from anywhere.