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Windows 11 is coming – Here’s Everything We Know

Microsoft – the Chief software broadcast a new Windows event on June 24 yesterday, promising to show “what’s next for Windows”. The invitation to the event comprised a picture of what looks like a new Windows logo, light shining through a window in two vertical bars, and crafting a frame that looks like the number 11. Microsoft followed up with a portable version of this image, making it clear that the company is purposely ignoring the flat blockades.

The Microsoft Windows event starts at 11 AM ET. Following the invitation to the event, Microsoft Executive Yusuf Mehdi said “he has not enjoyed this new version of Windows since Windows 95!” This is the first time we have heard Microsoft openly remark about the “new version” of Windows on the go.

The invitation to the event came again just a week after Nadella ridiculed the declaration of the “next generation of Windows”. Nadella has assured that Microsoft will soon share “one of the most important updates to Windows over the past decade”. Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer, Panos Panay, also ridiculed Windows as “next-generation” earlier this year. If Microsoft is honorably getting ready to move beyond Windows 10 and explore Windows 11, we hope to see significant changes in the display.

Major UI changes are coming to Windows

Several of these visual changes will seem in the work done by Microsoft on Windows 10X, a lightweight version of Windows that aims to challenge the Chrome Operating System before it is removed. That contains a new start menu, new program icons, and File Explorer upgrades. Microsoft appears ready to deal with numerous incomplete issues, with ideas to redesign applications for multiple screens, and upgraded Bluetooth audio support.

Perhaps the main problem is waiting to be fixed in the Windows Store. Microsoft has been working on a new Windows app store for the past few months, and rumors indicate that it will be largely up to date. Nadella has assured to “open up greater economic opportunities for developers and creators” through Windows, and the Windows Store seems to be the obvious way to do just that.    

Microsoft is reportedly restoring its Windows app store to allow developers to deploy any Windows OS, including browsers for example Firefox. This will significantly improve the store itself. Certain of the changes Microsoft has developed for Windows 10X is now coming to Windows. Microsoft has declared cuts to 12% of PC games in the Windows Store.

The software developer uttered a renewed interest in Windows last year when the pandemic bared how vital the app is. Windows usage is on the rise as staff and students around the world turn to PCs and Laptops for the lesson. Computer exports have also increased over the previous year. After cutting Windows into two parts back in 2018, Microsoft has brought back parts of Windows development last year. The change was a clear acknowledgment that Microsoft’s Windows splitting did not work. Moving to Windows 11 can be a remarkable step for Microsoft.

Microsoft Surface Laptop

The new version of Windows always helps to increase laptop sales. Microsoft has been having trouble, however. We’ve seen updates for Windows 10 Anniversary, and days as simple as November 2019. Update Microsoft has recently taken on another naming program, with updates like 20H1 or 21H1.

Moving to Windows 11 would not eradicate Microsoft’s naming issues, but if the company also accepts the release of points like Windows 11.1, it can truly help IT purchasers and executives to quickly understand what the newest version is. The new version of Windows is always driving new hardware sales with an updated interest in the OS.




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