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Why people should choose Agile IT?

Many companies migrating to Office 365 from on-premises solutions are keen to make use of SharePoint Online to get rid of their file servers.

While SharePoint Online is ideal for certain situations and file types, migrating your file server to the cloud is not as easy as dragging files from Windows Explorer to OneDrive or SharePoint for Business communication. There are a great number of things to take into consideration, and the all projects needs careful planning. AgileOneDrive solutions are designed to support potential customers and favorited Microsoft Partner

AgileOneDrive changes your existing file server needs with a complete, cloud-based file storage and management solution. With the file sync tool, AgileOneDrive means that users can work and access on their files from anywhere – even without internet or network access.


Huge storage: With OneDrive for Business, each user account in your organization has up to 1TB (approximately 1,000GB) of file storage available to them. Individual files can be as large as 10GB and additional storage is available for those that need it at a low cost per gigabyte.

Sharing Folders: Sharing files securely can be challenging but AgileOneDrive makes it easy with a shared folder structure. Administrators can define a structure with separate folders based on department or job function, each with specific permissions (read/write/delete) to ensure that each user can see only the folders intended for them.

Enough file access: Employees need to be productive in the office and on the go. With the file sync tool, AgileOneDrive and Office 365 for iPad, iPhone, Android or Windows enable staff to work on their files from anywhere, even without internet or network access. And OneDrive for Business supports single sign-on (SSO), Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS) and Directory sync for even easier access.

Redundancy and Security: OneDrive for companies files securely on Microsoft’s servers. Microsoft’s 99.9% certain uptime and built-in geo-redundancy mean that your files will be available and safe whenever and wherever you essential them.

At the same time the total system can be changed for its demand and the overall process could be changed for file sharing. All the authority and the administration of file sharing and the file accessibility and the system and integrated voicemail and at the same time Agile IT helps the system to understand the SEO, architecture, designing and mentoring the staffs, data storage and stability

Simple File Sharing: When you need to rapidly share a file with someone outside or inside your group, OneDrive for Business allows you to create a link to the file which can be sent directly from OneDrive for Business, emailed, embedded in a document, or made available using instant messaging such as Lync Online.

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