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4. would you like us to design the logo? If yes, please provide us the following: Colors choices, Implementation purpose (Online/offline), Business type, Particular logo styles ((symbol or typography) you prefer and a Punch line
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6. Can you give us the web addresses for other web sites you particularly like, and tell us why you like them? This will help us to get an idea of your taste and what you might be looking for.

Note: If you have any sites in mind that you would like us to refer during the design process, please list them now. We will not accept new references for design after the first drafts of designing are submitted to you.

7. Do you have any specific design styles, fonts, images, or other guidance on the design of your new website?
8. What is the feel you would like the site to have?
9. Describe catalog structure of your website?
eg- Home, About us, Services, Testimonials, Contact us, etc
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