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Upgrade Windows 10

Are you concerned about your OS security? Are you looking for an Operating System that is faster and has more security? Then Windows 10 is definitely the best option for you. Windows 10 is much faster than any other operating system. In fact, it is considered as the best and the most secure Microsoft operating system so far. It has many unique features and advanced security features.

Windows 10 is basically a big improvement over Windows 8.  It has created a trust factor and reliability in global markets. If you are concerned about the security of your business data, then this is the best OS for you because it has enterprise- grade security.



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Some of the improvements in Windows 10 over windows 8 are:

  • Improved command prompt
  • Revised file explorer
  • Unified app store
  • More task view options
  • Advanced menu for settings
Upgrade Windows 10

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Some of the new features of Windows 10 include:

  • Tablet Mode
  • The classic desktop
  • Cortana
  • Universal Apps
  • Notifications


Why Choose FLYONIT?

Being a Microsoft partner, FLYONIT can help you upgrade your OS to Windows 10 and improve your system performance and appearance. We will make sure that all your important business data are preserved and therefore, we will keep a backup of all your files and programs before upgrading and delete it once the upgrade is done.

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