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Turn your Facebook fans into customers with these 3 simple ways

Facebook is the most popular and widely used social media platform in the world today. It has over 1.71 billion monthly active users & 1.13 billion daily active users. Nowadays it is used not only to connect with friends & family but it has also turned out to be a platform for promoting & advertising a business. Around 16 Million local business pages have been created in Facebook as of May 2013 which is a 100 percent increase from 8 million in June 2012. However, just creating a business page, posting stuffs as well as increasing fans & followers is not the end thing. Your ultimate aim should be to turn your Facebook fans into loyal customers. In this blog, I have shared a few tips that can help you turn your fan into customers within a few weeks.

Customer testimonials can do wonders

A recent study found that around 46 percent people trust online reviews written by customers, friends or family, whereas only 10 percent trust online ads & company written text messages. This shows that showcasing testimonials is incredibly important. So if you don’t have customer testimonials yet, get it soon. Ask your customers to write reviews about you, your products as well as how your products or services has helped them and made their life better. Your fans are not interested to see self promotions. They want to see what their friends as well as peers are saying about you.

Don’t forget to offer coupons to your fans

Coupons can help you draw your fans’ attention to what you sell. Offering a discount through a coupon for your services means you are implicitly telling your fans that they are going to save their money. However, coupons shouldn’t be mistaken for discounts. Coupons are basically ‘soft sell’ whereas discounts are ‘hard sell’. A coupon is basically an incentive to browse your products. With coupons, your fans will not be compelled to make a purchase on a particular day. They can take their own time to browse your products & then buy it.

Telling a story that includes your product can be helpful

Posting only the image of your product is pretty boring. What you need to do is show your fans how your product is going to benefit them.

Remember these 4 things while creating your post:
  • Do not focus mainly on the products, but more on the results as well as activities. You need to show visually how useful & fun your product is.
  • Instead of text, use images to show the end result.
  • If possible, tell your fans how highly influential people or celebrities are using your products.
  • You need to be a problem solver. Try to show your Facebook fans how your products or services can solve their problems and make their life better. Do it in such a way that your Facebook fans will be compelled to hit on the “buy” button.

In a nutshell

You fans don’t come to Facebook for browsing products; they come here to read stories. Hence tell them a story and they will definitely listen. Show them how you can solve their problems and they will be compelled to buy from you.

Also don’t forget to ask your customers & clients to write a few lines about you and your products and how they are benefited from your products.

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