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Transition to E-Learning During Lockdown

While schools have been forced to shut down around the globe, the demand for digital transformation in education has reached new heights. Many educators are struggling to move classes online as quickly and painlessly as possible.

It is hard for students to follow classroom assignments when teachers are not there face to face. With free web conferencing, Live Chat and Mobile Apps offered by FLYONIT, we hope teachers, students and parents can keep connected in virtual classrooms, allowing them to collaborate and keep education flowing.

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Teaching remotely through virtual classrooms

With our WebMeeting you can host virtual lectures with your pupils, enjoying the benefits of face-to-face communication and collaboration. Attendees can join from their own desktop, iPad, tablet or mobile, allowing you to conduct your lessons from the safety of your home. Up to 100 students can connect simultaneously making it perfect for large university lectures to go on as usual.

Get the message across with interactive features

Enhance your ability to teach remotely with powerful collaboration tools, including screen-sharing, polling, and whiteboard. By sharing the same screen content, such as a document, image or chart, your students can see exactly what you are referring to avoiding any confusion or misunderstanding. Easily map your ideas on the online whiteboard and start a conversation with your students, wherever they are located physically

Peer-to-peer and parent participation

Keep parents and guardians informed with the latest school developments during lockdown. With the  Live Chat & Talk plugin, you can quickly and easily add live chat support on your school website, enabling parents and students to chat or call staff in real-time. For higher education institutes, Live Chat can be used to hold office hours that comply with safeguarding procedures, so collegiates can quickly get questions answered and their work reviewed. Whatsmore, students and parents can also communicate with the smartphone apps and a web app for making and receiving calls, chat and more.

Transition to E-Learning During Lockdown

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