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Top Tips to Get the Most Out of Your WordPress Website

WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems in the world. Not only it is absolutely free as well as easy to use but also flexible enough to support the complex development needs of many popular brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Disney as well as The New York Times.

WordPress is now powering around 30% of the entire internet and the figure is only increasing. If you are a small business owner and you are looking to get the most out of your WordPress site, this blog will definitely help you out.

Domain Registration & Hosting Options

If you are making a fresh start, the first thing you would need is a domain name. You need to choose a name that is not only simple, short, sweet as well as to the point but also memorable & relevant to your brand. Although redirecting to a new domain name in the future is possible, it is quite risky in terms of Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and needs strategic planning.

Once you get the perfect domain, you will get plenty of registrars to choose from, but it is always better to start with a host like InMotion, that also provides domain services.

The inclusion of a free domain name is a great advantage, particularly when a host provides unlimited number of domains that brands can leverage for protecting variations of their identities. Many hosting providers will also waive the registration cost of one domain for one year. If you have already established a domain name, skip this step & take benefits of the migration as well as transfer options hosting providers like InMotion, offer.

And if you are new to WordPress, it is better to consult a beginners’ guide for determining which host will be perfect for you. You need to narrow down your options based on your specific requirements. Just determine your top priority, whether it is ease of use, low cost, time to implementation, or something else.

Some hosting providers provide WordPress-specific hosting, where the Content Management System is pre-installed with automatic security patches as well as backups. If you select this option & buy a domain name from the same provider, using this platform will be easy. And in many cases, your site would be installed using your domain name by default. InMotion is ranked as an industry-leading WordPress host by experts.

And when it comes to WordPress hosting prices, you will get what you pay for. There are many hosting providers in the industry that provide free WordPress hosting. However, it is always better to spend a few bucks on a reliable host with packages particularly tailored to power the CMS.

Building Your Website from the Ground Up

If you are looking for an intuitive way to design your WordPress website, WYSIWYG site builders can help. These code-free, drag & drop editors can make striking, responsive sites an instant reality & some also come packaged with your hosting plan.

Site builders like BoldGrid integrate with WordPress in order to help beginners bring their visions to life while preventing coding headaches. Beginners find that BoldGrid makes the platform even more intuitive with pre-built themes as well as the option to add features through plugins. Experienced users, on the other hand, enjoy a streamlined, professional-grade workflow as well as access to image banks with integrated APIs.

If you choose to host your website through InMotion or any of BoldGrid’s approved partners, you will have access to the full platform for free while retaining 100 percent ownership of your website. And, unlike other site editors, once you choose one of the 200-plus theme & category combinations available, you will get access to all associated text as well as images in the demo for use at your disposal.

Now that you have already created a content-rich website, you will probably need some website visitors. BoldGrid was built for generating SEO-friendly code as well as increasing online visibility through easy keyword & page title management.

Now Scale Your WordPress Website by Moving to a Virtual Private Server

If your website has grown out of its basic shared hosting environment, switching to a VPS or virtual private server is the way to go for ensuring top performance. Virtual private server hosting is perfect for technically inclined users, like programmers as well as designers, in that it offers access to dedicated, scalable computing resources.

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