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Top 5 tips for choosing the perfect domain name

Choosing the perfect domain name for your business is undoubtedly a big decision and it has long lasting effects. It’s similar to deciding a company’s name and it requires time, thought as well as consideration. Remember, it’s the beginning point of your online identity. It has the potential to make or break your business. It’s important for you to make sure you choose a domain name that not only fits your business but also, it’s easy to find as well as promote.

In order to make sure that you choose the perfect domain name, consider these tips:

Choose a reflection of your company

Always keep in mind that your URL is the first thing that your visitors will see. Hence, you need to make it count by picking a domain that reflects the core aspect of your business, such as what it provides or what makes it special.

Ideally your domain name should match your business name. But, if there is any particular product that you want to brand, picking a domain around that product can also be beneficial.

Always make it unique

Remember, your domain name is not just a URL; it is more than that. It’s your company’s brand. Hence, always choose a name that is unique as well as memorable rather than generic. It should stand out in people’s minds. Although a generic domain name might be an accurate reflection of what your company does or sells, it might not be very memorable & unique. For example, if your company sells pineapples, the domain name “” might be accurate; however, you will not be able to differentiate your website from other websites that also talk about pineapples.

Try to keep your domain name short & sweet

While selecting your domain name, try to keep it as short and simple as possible. This is because a short & simple name will be easier to remember. If your domain name is long & complex, your customers may mistype or misspell it. You will obviously not want your users to type in your name incorrectly as well as become frustrated, or worse, land on the wrong website.

And if you can’t get your domain name down to 1 word, add a maximum of 1 or 2 words that help describe your company.

Avoid numbers as well as hyphens

While selecting a domain name, you may find that all of your ideas have been already taken. So, you may think of sticking with your original idea just by adding a number or a hyphen to the URL. But do you know that numbers & hyphens may cause confusion? Users who hear your website address won’t know whether you’re using an actual number, or it’s spelled out, which in turn can hurt your business as people may not be able to find your business, or may end up landing in the wrong place.

Do proper research work

Your domain name is going to be with you for a long time. Changing the domain name of your business, particularly after it has been established, can really be a difficult process. So take your time as well as research thoroughly before you make a final decision. Also, ensure the name that you want to use is not copyrighted by any other company as this could result in legal issues in the future. Last but not the least, check social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook as well as Twitter to make sure the domain name is available on those platforms, too.

So, what are you waiting for? Register your domain names as early as possible; or else you may not get your favorite domain names. Make sure you put some careful thought in while choosing your domain name & use the above-mentioned tips for choosing the best domain.

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