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Top 5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Domain Name For Your Site

While setting up a particular website, one of the most important things to decide is what to name it. After all, your site’s domain will play an important role in defining your brand’s image. However, picking up creative as well as unique domain names has become very difficult these days as thousands of new websites are coming online every year. With huge number of websites already competing for real estate on the web, & each with a distinct domain name, acquiring the perfect domain name for your site is now more important than ever.

Have a look at 5 important tips for choosing the perfect domain name for your website

Consider your target audience

Before choosing a domain name for your site, ask yourself a few questions. Whom are you going to convince to buy your products or services? Which age group, sex, and location are you thinking to target? Does your business has a physical presence or it is completely online? These considerations should factor into your final decision.

Also, it is important to think about the terms that people will use while looking for your products or services. It is important for you that you incorporate one or more of those terms into your domain name directly so that you get a direct boost to your search rankings. For example, if a particular person is looking for “teddy bears,” a website with a domain name “” will be ranking higher than something with a generic name “”

Similarly, it is important to add the name of your city to your domain name if your business has a physical presence, & you want people in your city to find you.

It is better not to use your own name

Although you may be proud of your company’s web presence, you should avoid using your own name. For personal purpose it might be a great idea to own as well as control the domain of your name. However, for business purposes it really doesn’t have any benefit.

But in case your name is your brand, like you are a celebrity or a famous athlete, it makes complete sense to use your own name in your website’s domain as that’s what people will be trying to find. Otherwise, it is better to have a domain that describes your business so that you can appeal to a broader audience but then incorporate the owner/business name in the content throughout the website.

Intentional misspelling may exclude your site in search results for common words

Many people think that by including obscure words or intentional misspellings in their site’s domain name, they will be able to set themselves apart. But, they need to be more careful doing so as this may exclude your website in search results for common words. For example, if a company that sells ‘low-rider truck’ name their website something like “lowryderztruck’, they may rank lower in the search engine results. Also, it becomes difficult for the users to find your website if they only know the name & try to type it, without knowing how to spell it. This is the reason why you should always go for something that is easy to spell.

Always choose a concise domain name

Which one is easier for someone to remember: “melbournebakerycafe” or “thebestbittersweetmelbournebakerycafe?” OFCOURSE “melbournebakerycafe” because the more words you add to your website’s domain name, the more difficult as well as confusing it becomes for someone to read & remember.

The average number of characters in the domain names of the top 100,000 websites is 9. comes under this. Other great online brands like EBay, Google, Yelp, as well as many others also know well how to mix a strong brand presence in the marketplace with a concise domain name that one can remember easily.

One should also avoid using articles, like “a,” “an,” and “the,” in their domain names as people tend to forget about these words and by mistake may land up on your competitor’s similarly named site.

Don’t try to mimic another popular brand

Many business owners try to use a domain name that resembles another popular site’s name closely in order to trick visitors into visiting their site as well as driving up traffic. Particularly in the early days of the Internet, this used to be a favourite trick of unscrupulous web developers. However, now if you try to mimic another more well-known brand in your domain, it may not generate any more business for you; rather it could anger people looking for the other company, attract lawsuits, as well as create other headaches for you.

Although choosing the perfect domain name for your website may be little bit tricky for you, these 5 steps will definitely help you choose a creative and unique, yet simple domain name.

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