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Top 5 reasons to choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Are you facing difficulty to balance business growth & manage customers simultaneously?

Is it becoming difficult for you to manage customer relationships & related data?

Are you not able to perform better than your competitors?

Don’t worry; Microsoft Dynamics CRM can solve all your problems

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a powerful platform that enables small & medium sized businesses to easily manage customer relationships & related data. This powerful CRM helps sales team to be more productive & also gain deeper insights into customer relationships across various business units. The sales automation, marketing modules, as well as customer service streamlines the way organizations communicate with potential customers, existing customers, as well as team members.

The biggest benefits of leveraging this CRM is that its user interface is intuitive & it ranks among the highest in user adoption.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrates with the Microsoft Stack along with other tools as well as services which include Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, Skype for Business, and more. Also, it provides a flexible architecture that can be customized through a professional Microsoft Dynamics CRM development company to suit your business needs.

Apart from delivering increased productivity, this CRM together with Office 365 provides many more capabilities that any sales professional will expect to have in a modern platform.

Let us have a look at some of the top benefits of this CRM:


The sales module in Microsoft Dynamics CRM will enable you to manage your sales process easily. Its process-driven user interface makes the process of qualifying leads simple as well as helps drive successful lead conversion to customer accounts. There is an opportunity management area which contains built-in process header that can be used for managing opportunities through different sales steps & stages.


Dynamics CRM marketing module will provide you the ability to efficiently manage your contacts, leads, as well as campaigns including prospect & customer segmentation, & campaign planning & execution. Also, it gives analytics, comprehensive reporting as well as seamless collaboration between marketing & sales.

Customer Service

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, customer service teams will be able to improve case management with the 360-degree view of their customers. The process-driven user interface streamlines the case management process, letting service representatives deliver more consistent & effective customer care. Customer service teams are also empowered to proactively identify trends as well as anticipate opportunities to guide the customers.

Dynamics 365 provides service representatives the guidance, tools, & data that they may require for quickly as well as effectively resolving issues – all while delivering a more personalized level of support.


In today’s highly competitive business environment, simply collecting data is not enough but that data must be turned into actionable insight. Dynamics CRM offers insightful business intelligence (BI) capabilities like real-time dashboards, data visualization, flexible reports, as well as in-depth analytics. Apart from this, Dynamics 365 works with Microsoft’s well-known BI service, Power BI, which is a self-service analytics tool that automatically refreshes the data displayed in Microsoft Dynamics 365. This allows companies to determine key trends as well as track all key performance metrics in real-time.

On-Premise & Cloud Deployment

This CRM enables you to choose from different deployment options such as on-premises, cloud or partner-hosted deployment. You will be able to choose the best model depending on your specific business requirements. You can access Dynamics CRM either through a web browser, Microsoft Outlook, or an internet-enabled mobile phone.

In a nutshell, this CRM is not only easy-to-use & integrate but also it enables you to use products that you are already familiar with. It provides choice of deployments as well as has thousands of partners support the platform across many countries. This CRM will help you efficiently manage all your customer & business data at one place.

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