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Top 5 effective strategies that can help improve search engine rankings

Despite of having a uniquely designed website with great content, is your website not performing well in the search engines? Are you still not getting enough traffic to your website? Is your site’s conversion rate lower than it should be? Don’t worry; you just need to focus on the right things to improve your search engine rankings. Here are a few effective strategies that can help you improve your search engine rankings over time.

Knowing where you stand is highly important

If you don’t know what is broken, how can you fix it? That is why Jill Whalen, CEO of High, a Boston search engine optimization consulting firm, suggests installing Google Analytics on your website so that you can track your progresses & analyze each and every aspect of your website. “It’s free and can tell you how each page is working, or not,” says Whalen. This is one of the most powerful tools that provides a huge amount of information about who exactly is visiting your website, which pages are getting the maximum views, how they are getting to your site as well as what they are looking for in your website.

The old saying ‘Content is King’ rings true

Creating high quality, unique, relevant as well as engaging content is another important strategy to improve search engine rankings. Quality content has the potential to keep the visitors engaged as well as improve search engine rankings as well as website traffic. Report says companies that have blog page typically receive 97% more leads than companies without any blog page. It has also been seen that web pages that rank on page 1 of Google typically have 2,032 to 2,494 words. Also, content with at least 1 image performs better than content without any images.

Page load speed actually impacts search engine rankings

Yes, it is true that page load speed affects search engine rankings. In 2010 Google announced that it was going to regard page load speed as a ranking signal.

Also, it has been seen that more than 83 percent of online users expect a web page to load in 3 seconds or less and even 1 second delay in page load time leads to 11% fewer page views, 16% decrease in customer satisfaction as well as 7% loss in conversions. Around 79 percent of online shoppers, who are not satisfied with site performance, say that they will not return to the site again in the future. However, there are many ways to improve page load speed, some of which include optimizing image sizes, using a caching plug-ins, reducing the number of plug-ins, reducing redirects, etc.

Proper keyword research is important

Keyword research is often called as the soul of SEO. Using relevant keywords in the URL as well as keeping each page focused on 1 or 2 important keywords is important. It is also important to review keyword popularity on a regular basis as they change over time.

You should use keywords that are relevant to the page content as well as are popular among searches on the internet. Primary key word should be used in the title as well as in the 1st & last sentence of an article. Also use your keywords in your Meta tags.


Backlinks is also important to boost search engine rankings

Backlinks play an important role in improving search engine ranking. Some search engines, like Google, gives more credit to sites that have a very good number of quality backlinks, & consider those sites more relevant than other sites in their results pages for a search query.

By following these 5 strategies, you can improve your search engine rankings dramatically and get more and more visitors to your website.

Remember that good search engine rankings take a lot of hard work. Hence it is always better to hire a professional SEO company which can help you improve your search engine rankings.

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