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Top 5 common landing page mistakes that can cost you conversions

Do you realize that your landing pages are a crucial part of your online marketing strategy? Your landing pages can make big impact on your website traffic and conversions & therefore the bottom line. Even a simple design flaw can cost you conversions. After all, it is the first page your visitor sees when they visit your website.

In this blog, we have listed some common landing page mistakes that can cost you conversions.

Using too much unnecessary text

Don’t make your landing page an endless wall of text. In this busy world, nobody has time to read essay. If you use too much text on your landing page, your visitors may get irritated and may leave your page. Never forget that you will not get more than 5 seconds to impress your visitors. Within 5 seconds, you need to do the magic. Your ultimate aim is to make your visitors understand what exactly you offer as well as the benefits of your products or services. In this situation, the rule ‘less is more’ applies. Display the benefits of your products or services in a small blurb or bulleted list so that it becomes easy for your visitors to skim quickly.

Using unclear call to action button

Many companies make the mistake of making landing pages where the CTA button blends into the background or is too small, or is struggling with too much other unnecessary information on the page. Your call to action button should be clear, distinctive as well as visible. You should always make sure that your leads are able to locate your Call to Action button easily on your landing page. It should be larger than the other elements of your page so that it stands out to your leads. Failing to use a clear and distinctive CTA button may cost you conversions.

Making the mistake of asking for too much information

Our forms should always be simple and small so that they are less imposing. Sometimes we make the mistake of making long forms and asking too much information on our forms.  A form field should only be added if it is actually necessary in order to complete the transaction. By asking as little as possible, we will be able to reduce drop-off as well as increase performance.

Providing too many links or choices

Too many links on a landing page is overwhelming. Hence, never provide too many choices to your visitors as it may confuse them as well as make them leave your website. Less links or choices mean fewer distractions. Too many choices can make it difficult for your visitors to make a decision.

Visual Distractions

Avoid visual distractions on your site as that may make your visitor ignore the call to action. Remove unnecessary floating boxes, pop-ups, flashing advertising banners, or any other similar kind of visual distractions if you want to increase the conversion rates. Even avoid using too many calls to actions on the same page as it may confuse or distract your visitor from your main goal.

Creating a landing page may seem easier but actually it is not. It requires proper planning as well as attention. Even a simple mistake can cost you conversion. However, by avoiding the 5 landing page mistakes that are listed above, you can easily boost your conversion rates.

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