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Top 5 benefits of business inbound numbers

In the world of business, inbound numbers such as 1300 and 1800 numbers are becoming highly popular as these numbers come with some unique features which you won’t get in normal phone numbers.

With these inbound numbers, you will be able to make it easier for your customers to do business with you. These numbers will enable your customers to contact you easily on one number from anywhere in Australia without worrying about the call charges.

While 1800 numbers would enable your customers to contact you Australia-wide for absolutely free, 1300 numbers, on the other hand, would allow your customers to contact you for the cost of a local call from anywhere in Australia.

Both the numbers will give your business a national presence as well as a professional image.

Your potential customers can dial a single number nationally to contact you, without the requirement of knowing area codes or without having to know which branch office they’re calling.

Calls to your 1300 or 1800 number can also be routed intelligently based on caller location, time of day, as well as other criteria.

Check out some of the top benefits of business inbound numbers

These numbers can make your business look more professional and larger

Inbound numbers can give your potential customers the impression that your business is a large, well- established, national business. These numbers have the potential to enhance the credibility as well as professional image of your business.

They also remove geographic boundaries

Some people call businesses only when they recognize the phone number as being in their own area or state. This limits a company’s ability to expand outside of its own local area. However, 1300 as well as 1800 numbers are non-geographic which means that you will be able to promote your business even outside of your local area.

These numbers make relocating your business easy

Sometimes businesses need to relocate. With a normal phone number, this can be very costly as well as inconvenient as it involves changing phone numbers, as well as risking the possibility of clients losing contact with you. However, with business inbound numbers, your phone number will always remain the same whether your business relocates to another state or just across the road.

These numbers are easy to remember

These business inbound numbers are very easy to remember when compared to normal phone numbers which are 10 digits long as well as sometimes hard to remember.

You will get better response to marketing & advertising

When you make it easier and cheaper for your customers to contact you, it is obvious that your customers will not hesitate to contact you and so you will be receiving more calls.

So thinking to get one inbound number for your business? You have made the right decision. By getting an inbound number for your business, you can give your potential customers the reassurance that you are a well-established as well as professional company.

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