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Telstra Calling For MS Office 365

Finally, the wait is over, Telstra and Microsoft have ensured the path for Telstra calling for office 365 (TCO365).

In March 2018, Telstra has introduced a vast range of customer experience schemes and packages with few customers being part of the EAP (Early Adopter Program). This complimentary service packages for better experience include selected purchases of Telstra calling for office 365.


Telstra Calling For MS Office 365

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Telstra Calling For MS Office 365

Why Telstra and Microsoft?

By means of the launch of office 365, Microsoft and Telstra have partnered to provide native voice calling services from the Microsoft cloud. Microsoft hosts high-end cloud services within Australia; on the other hand, Telstra is the one stop solution for the best infrastructure connecting Australian customers. The collaboration of Microsoft and Telstra turned out to be a great deal as in:

  • Connecting leaders across networks, services and voice:
    Accessing a wide scope of integrated end-to-end solutions in one place has come to life. Telstra presents everything from the latest Microsoft collaboration suite to cloud, mobility and connectivity services.  That’s why it has become Microsoft’s favorite Australian calling provider for office 365.
  • It’s about all things Microsoft:
    Telstra is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, with leadership in numerous solutions backed by remarkable industry awards. Our common partners are  Kloud, Readify and other  experts across custom development, technology and more.
  • Global reach and unparalleled network:
    Microsoft solutions are backed by the next IP network, one of the world’s most reliable and powerful networks.Working with Microsoft, Telstra is continuously co-creating solutions to  provide the customers with an experience of modern workplace.Your ultimate guide to order Telstra calling for office 365:

    • The application can only be ordered via selected channel partners or Telstra itself.
    • The procedure is quite simple. All you have to do is using the electronic application method of DocuSign. The purchase application needs important information such as the current details of the Telstra customers, current Microsoft office 365 tenants, and contact details and so on.

Knowing about the Telstra licensing:

Calling functionality in office 365 is powered by the “phone system” licensing SKU and it can be bought as an add on license featuring different payment plans.


All the business customers of Telstra will be able to make native voice calls within the MS office 365 under a deal disclosed today. Telstra calling for office 365 supports calls from within Microsoft team and Skype for business.

Make the most out of the free of using the wireless telephony services in the cloud.

The costing chart of the licensing is provided below:

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