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Teams Call Recording: Your Business Requires It to Improve Customer Experience

Does your business interact with clients over the phone, either by selling your product or service or providing support?

If you are not by now recording your calls, it’s a good idea to implement call recording with your phone service.  

Unified Call Recording is the first kind of capability for Microsoft Teams. You can automatically record and transform each conversation on Microsoft Teams into voice data for compliance, evidence, and performance improvement.

This feature allows Teams customers to automate voice recording from any device with no requirement for hardware.  

Benefits of Call Recording:

• You can get the solution anywhere and on any device by integrating an advanced and consistent cloud call recording, security, and solution delivery.

• Decrease the price and difficulty of expensive on-premise equipment.

• Available as a truly native cloud product on a subscription-based model offering security, unlimited scalability, and quick deployment.

• All user communications can be recorded from individual to numerous teams in sections or even entire business.

• There is no necessity for maintenance or upgrades, and cloud storage means recordings are always available and are also stored in various locations.

• Highly secure to assist enterprises.

Teams Call Recording: Your Business Requires It to Improve Customer Experience

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Advantages of Cloud Storage:

• Our cloud storage is reasonable as we allocate the charges of our set-up and services across many businesses.

• We deliver the service of maintenance, manage and support your solutions. This releases your staff who would cover the responsibilities for keeping your data safe and your server(s) up and running.

• The potential risk of hardware malfunction reduces because your data is securely stored.

• You can store the latest version of your document in the cloud and will be simply accessible from any of your devices.

• With cloud storage, you pay for what you use, as you use it.

Call Recording for Compliance:

We manage compliance through regular internal and external audits. Our products encounter global and industry compliance standards like ISO27001, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and Cisco CASPRx.

Our audits comprise independent penetration testing activities, and external technical and process audits.

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