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Apple launches its first virtual reality headset: Apple Vision Pro

Apple Launches Its First Virtual Reality Headset: Apple Vision Pro

On June 5th, 2023, Apple’s CEO brought out their long-awaited VR headset at the Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC 2023) in Cupertino California. According to reports, this new product line named Vision Pro is said to be the “most ambitious product ever.” 

Apple claims that this headset is not just any VR headset but almost like a wearable computer with twin micro-OLED displays, which will give a clear 3D view of the surroundings and blend it with the digital world. The headset is currently priced at $3,499 and will be made available to the public in early 2024.  

What can Apple Vision Pro do? 

This sleek-looking VR headset is said to augment reality as soon as you wear it and make it seem like your own physical space. It allows you to see the people around you if you want while you enjoy other activities like enjoying a movie or attending a video call through Facetime.  

The users can have full control of the device with their hands, eyes, and voice command and access the apps of their iPhones with it. The home screen can be visible in front of them for the users to control which makes Vision Pro different and exclusive from any other VR devices.  

This will be Apple’s first device with a 3D camera that can help you experience the space and everything in it with a view that will seem exactly like the real world which it is not. It will “blend(s) the digital content with your physical space” in a way that will turn any room you are in into your own personal theatre and that too with ‘spatial audio’.  

There is also an in-built privacy and security system which can help you keep the data under your control. It comes with a new technology called Optic ID which will help you to unlock passwords and authorize purchases with your own unique iris.  

Once you put on the device, your vision through it will have a sense of physicality in the sense that it can control the light settings, cast shadows, and measure the surrounding distance. This will give off an experience that will seem unaltered from reality.  

Some other specifications of Apple Vision Pro 

The Vision Pro headset has two postage stamps like OLED screens with 23 million pixels, each of which can deliver the picture quality of a 4K TV in each eye. This is made to fit the entire visual capability of the human eye.  

The device uses the for its computing power and another chip called R1 that helps to cool down the device, makes it fast, and maintains its overall performance. It is said to have an external battery that can run up to 2 hours and a whole day long when plugged in.  

The device will have a brand-new operating system named VisionOS which is based on Apple’s previous systems like MacOS, iOS, and iPadOS. This will make it easier for other apps to run smoothly and simultaneously and provide an environment that will be more immersive.  

For the users who wear glasses, there will be customized lenses from Zeiss which will be attached to the device for a better visual experience. It will bring more clarity and sharpness without compromising the quality of the display.  

The headset is made from a singular polished glass and the body is made of Aluminum. This helps the device to make it lightweight which in turn helps it to stay in its place when worn by the user. The headband is made from a knitted rib structure with breathable fabric making it stretchable and comfortable.  

This product will not only be used for gaming but a more comprehensive experience where you can enter any reality of your choice, take 3D photos and videos, enjoy movies and entertainment, and the best part, Disney Plus will be available with the device from the day of the launch.  

Apple’s expectations from the device

As we know this is not the first VR headset in the market. Many other companies like Samsung and Sony have successfully launched virtual reality headsets and that too at a much lower price. But Apple has a certain reputation where none of their products are exclusive ones and yet they were capable of dominating the market.  

Although will be available to the public in early 2024, Apple has claimed that they are expecting to vend out 1.5 lack units in the first year with the initial price and more than 1 million units later on with a decreased price. This survey is based on the sales history of the other VR sets and Apple’s own products.  

Analysts don’t really feel that Apple Vision Pro can become a sensation overnight due to its hefty price but with its specification and other features, it can generate billions in the later years within 2026.