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Wyndham Business Awards 2023

Wyndham Business Awards 2023: Sponsored by FLYONIT for Excellence in Innovation and Technology

The , a prestigious initiative by the Wyndham City Council, is set to celebrate its 27th year of recognizing and applauding business excellence in the community. As the program enters its 27th edition, it has become one of the largest business awards in the State, attracting businesses of all types and sizes, from startups to social enterprises and large employers.  

The awards not only acknowledge the achievements of businesses and business leaders but also provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs and innovators to be recognized for their dedication and commitment to their customers and the community. The event promises to be even more exciting as FLYONIT is joining as one of their valued sponsors for innovative business.  

The Significance of the Wyndham Business Awards 2023

The Wyndham Business Awards serve as a platform to highlight the remarkable achievements of businesses operating in the region. Over the years, the awards have evolved to reflect the dynamic and progressive nature of the business landscape in Wyndham. With a diverse array of categories, including sustainability, diversity and inclusion, innovation and technology, and more, the awards capture the essence of the entrepreneurial spirit thriving in the region.  

The Role of FLYONIT as their Sponsor for Innovation and Technology

As an esteemed IT solutions company based in Australia, FLYONIT has always believed in continuous research and innovation. So, as a category sponsor for Innovation and Technology, FLYONIT takes immense pride in supporting this spirit of entrepreneurship and nurturing the spirit of innovation. FLYONIT’s involvement in the awards demonstrates its commitment to supporting and empowering local businesses. By sponsoring the event, FLYONIT is not only contributing to the success of the awards but also reinforcing its dedication to nurturing and fostering a vibrant business community in Wyndham.  

Supporting Local Talent and Innovation 

The 2023 Wyndham Business Awards is much more than just an event; it is a celebration of the exceptional talent and innovation present in Wyndham’s business landscape. Through this awards program, the Council and sponsors like FLYONIT acknowledge the hard work and dedication that local businesses invest in their operations. With this recognition and celebration of their achievement, the awards inspire other entrepreneurs and business leaders to strive for excellence and drive economic growth in the region. 

New Awards for a Progressive Business Landscape 

This year’s Wyndham Business Awards have introduced some exciting new categories to ensure they keep pace with the ever-changing business environment. The addition of the “Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award” for individuals under 18 showcases the Council’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of business leaders. This award acknowledges the innovation and drive that young entrepreneurs bring to the table and encourages them to pursue their business dreams. 

Moreover, the introduction of the “Excellence Award in Local Community” highlights the significance of businesses engaging with and making a positive impact on their communities. This category recognizes businesses that go above and beyond to contribute to the welfare of the residents, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration between businesses and the community they serve. 

The Grand Gala and Networking Opportunity 

The 2023 Wyndham Business Awards gala promises to be a night to remember, hosted at the prestigious Encore Events Centre on Friday, 1st September 2023. This glittering event not only honors the winners of each category but also provides a unique networking opportunity for businesses, sponsors, and stakeholders. The gala offers a chance for entrepreneurs and business leaders to connect, exchange ideas, and explore potential collaboration, fostering a more cohesive and prosperous business ecosystem in Wyndham. 


As the region’s business landscape continues to evolve, the Wyndham Business Awards play a pivotal role in showcasing the brilliance of local businesses and inspiring future generations of entrepreneurs. With FLYONIT’s valuable sponsorship in the category of excellence in innovation and technology, the awards are poised to reach new heights of success, making a lasting impact on the business community and the broader .