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Supporting small businesses through COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people may have some financial concerns.

Recent mandatory closures and preventative isolation regulations are causing a lot of worry.

This is why FLYONIT has taken an extraordinary measures to help small businesses deal with this situation and offer some relief.

Many small businesses across Australia are feeling the impacts of COVID-19. Australian small businesses are agile, we’ve always admired that about them, and we’ll see many of them adapt.

But it’s important that the rest of Australia also gets behind them to support them through this challenging time.

We at FLYONIT showing our support by helping them in this crisis situation.

As support to small businesses affected by covid-19 FLYONIT is providing 3 months of deferral of new setup fee upto $1,000.

Doing business doesn’t look the same for many of us right now, so our aim is to help small businesses through this difficult period by assisting if you need to ramp up your digital presence.

We’re offering small businesses this deferral of new setup fee upto $1,000 to reduce the financial burden for the next 3 months.

This deferral does not includes hardware or software cost and or any other ongoing cost.

We pledge to stand by the community & help them at any means possible.

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Supporting small businesses through COVID-19

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