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Choose FLYONIT’s BullPhish ID for Cyber Resilience: The MSP-Tailored Solution for Unbeatable Security

In today’s digital space, where more than 80% of all cyberattacks take the form of cunning phishing attempts, ensuring your organization’s security isn’t just a priority—it’s an imperative. As cybercriminals continue to evolve their tactics, it’s crucial to stay one step ahead against these ever-present threats. Choose FLYONIT’s BullPhish ID to strengthen cyber resilience against phishing attacks

FLYONIT is introducing BullPhish ID: The MSP-centric cybersecurity training solution. With an array of powerful features and seamless user experiences, BullPhish ID not only safeguards against phishing threats but also improves your security, maximizes ROI, and offers a white-labeled customer journey.

Problem & Solution

Worried about phishing threats? Improve your defense with FLYONIT’s BullPhish ID security awareness training solution.

Today, where every click holds potential danger, phishing attacks have emerged as a clear and present threat. These devious tactics, often masked as legitimate communications, prey on human vulnerabilities, seeking access to sensitive data, financial information, and critical systems.

Statistics say over 80% of are now initiated through phishing attempts. Small businesses, enterprises, and even startups find themselves in the crosshairs of these attacks, which results in financial losses to reputational damage.

BullPhish ID powered by FLYONIT is a purpose-built solution designed to tackle the evolving challenges of phishing attacks. With a focus on training, simulation, and resilience, you can turn the tide against phishing threats and fortify your company’s cybersecurity posture.

FLYONIT is bringing forward this game-changing cybersecurity training and awareness platform crafted to empower your organization against these attacks. BullPhish ID equips your team with the knowledge and instincts needed to identify, thwart, and report phishing attempts effectively.

How It Works

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  • Select from the collection of ready-to-use phishing simulation kits and engaging animated video lessons paired with quick quizzes. This guarantees that training effectively reaches all employees, regardless of their level of tech-savviness.
  • Plan training and phishing campaigns for the upcoming year. The reports provide insights into organization-wide training outcomes and individual employee performance and are automatically delivered to specified recipients.
  • Tailor materials to your preferences with customizable phishing emails, adjusting sender addresses and attachments to match your organization’s requirements. This mirrors organization-specific threats, enhancing the effectiveness of your training program.
  • Get new phishing kits and videos every month to stay up to date with the current threat landscape and to keep your employees on alert.

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