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Some Windows 11 Features Which You Might Not Be Using To Your Advantage

You’re probably not going to be entirely aware of every feature it has to offer, unless you spend hours researching all the ways to use your new device. Specially, in the case of products like laptops and tablets running Windows 11, you are probably missing out on a few key things that could help you massively when it comes to work, while it does take a little time and effort.  

At the forefront Windows 11 was created with user experience and efficiency. It means there are many new features directly road tested and developed to help you work better. However, they might not be so apparent to your eyes.   

Device Partner Marketing Lead of Microsoft Australia, Aimee Terzis said “Windows 11 not only brings great new features and advantages for IT such as better manageability & app compatibility but also a renewed focus on the employee experience”.    

Terzis told “Digital tools such as system wide live captions enable you to silently consume audio content such as meetings and video or enjoy listening to natural-sounding voices using Narrator, allowing you to work in a way that works best for you”. 

Another feature includes their snap layouts and docking feature. It allow users to move between locations without disrupting how they have their apps laid out.  

Terzis also told that the simplified interface helps users be more productive and it also reduces cognitive overload. For sharing your documents and applications directly from the taskbar with smarter video conferencing Windows 11 introduces new ways. With the accessible unmute/universal mute button, it allows you to be heard in online meetings.  

Given how common lockouts are, with Windows Hello (biometric sign-in) the range is also fitted out, which allows users to go completely password less. It also ensures the maximum security of their devices. It is a great considerable advantage who are working remotely.  

Rather than this, other features include integrated voice typing and personalised project desktops. These are both helpful for getting ideas out of your head and onto the page (or document) quicker.  


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