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Snapchat’s big redesign is a ‘Flop’ with users

Snapchat’s app redesign, which was rolled out before a few days, has not gone down well with users. The redesign is available in a few countries, such as the U.K, Australia as well as Canada.

Around 83 percent of reviews for the redesigned app are negative, giving it one or two stars.

“Snapchat has had a complete rework in an update and honestly it’s disgusting,” one tweet read. “It’s so weird to use and I don’t know why it’s been changed.”

Only 17% reviews, which is 391 of the reviews, gave the redesigned app three to five stars.

“It’s not bad, but it took me a while to get used to it,” said Hope Louise from Staffordshire, England who’s had the update for a month. “I love that it separates friends from influencers, but the layout is so different that it’s very confusing in the first few days/weeks,” one tweet read.

Many users took to Twitter to raise questions on how to return to the older version of Snapchat.

“It’s not possible to revert to a previous version of Snapchat, but we are happy to help with any questions you may have about the new layout,” Snapchat’s Support account @snapchatsupport tweeted in reply to a user’s query.

This change was hinted by co-founder and CEO of Snap Inc Evan Spiegel at late last year.

“We’re separating the social from the media and reorganising Snapchat around your relationships to make it more personal,”  said Spiegel in a promotional video.

According to users, they are now struggling to find their favourite features, & the app has become more confusing than before.

In the redesign, users need to swipe right from the camera in order to access both Stories & personal snaps from friends & a swipe left will now result in a ‘Discover’ grid featuring photos & videos from brands, & trending content curated by Snap itself.

Snapchat has refused to comment on when the update will roll out in the United States as well as to all users. However, the support account hinted that it is about to happen.

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