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An unbelievably cheap and easy method to advertise, bulk SMS marketing or text message marketing continues to be an attractive marketing way for businesses irrespective of their investment size and capital. From giant retail chains to small businesses, SMS marketing is driving revenue and sales, charming current clients, commanding respect as a reliable tool and ultimately serving new ones, to deploy in any business’s marketing arsenal! If you have not already measured using text messaging as part of your marketing policy, here are details why you should give it another thought: –

  1. Fast conveyance to your target audience

It is almost a guarantee that a mobile phone user will always have their phone with them or close by to reference any incoming calls and/or texts, therefore making SMS a very quick and effective mode of communication. Text messages are carried within seconds of being send and the average person is more likely to check a text message within a very short window of time after receiving it.

  1. Precise messaging delivery.

Generally, a text message utilises limited character space (160 characters) dictates the length of a message therefore developing the sender to be precise, creative and to the point. Long marketing related jargons are needless and, in most cases, could be seen as boring and not quick the receiver to act upon them. Less is better and simplicity is golden!

  1. Cheap way to familiarise your brand.

Since text message marketing is truly target based, it ensures that you are communicating with potential consumers who are very likely to take action upon getting your text. This make you to cut promotional and marketing costs associated with mass marketing to a general population that leaves you only hoping and guessing for a favourable customer response.

  1. Quick notification.

Text messaging literally places your product offers, whether coupons or other sales promotions, into the hands of your potential customers with lightning speed! The instant notification feature carried by most mobile devices facilitates the communication process.

  1. Simple to personalise and flexible.

Text messaging can be designed to meet each business marketing requirements. Whether you need a personalised mass text messaging platform or personalised and target specific elevations, SMS offers you this simplicity! It can flexibly be incorporated to any other internet-based marketing policies you might have too, such as Facebook or twitter among their social media platforms.

  1. Utmost rate of deliverability.

Unlike emails which are vulnerable to the risk of low ‘reading and opening” rate, text messages nearly guaranteed that the receiver will open them. Depending on how interestingly and creatively you designed your message, it is likely to rise the possibility for that message to be read. This is a very efficient way of communicating.

  1. Improved communication and customer relationship

Text messaging marketing will afford you a more personable approach as to how you contact with your customers. Moreover, you can tailor SMS to suit the needs of a particular target provides you the flexibility to personalize communication and therefore connect on a more individualized level with your target. This can simply turn current customers into a loyal following as well as attract new ones.

  1. Reliable and direct mode of communication.

Sending out promotional coupons and offers through emails runs the risk of being filtered into a spam folder and consequently not being read. Text messaging offers a rather reliable and direct communication platform to your targeted audience, without experiencing too many barriers and therefore ensuring that your marketing efforts do not entirely fall on the wayside.

  1. Keeps your customers empowered and informed.

SMS marketing delivers product update to the customers in a instant reliable way therefore keeping them connected in any new product launch and enjoy up-to-date information at their fingertips. This not only positive to your business through indorsing your brand, but also keeps your customer in the know. An informed customer feels empowered and is more likely to be converted into a loyal customer.

  1. Drive sales and traffic to your business.

Whenever you send out a text message in the form of special offers, coupons or even promotions, your customers are more than likely to forward these offers to their friends and families. By so doing this will attract your target audience, consequently driving sales and traffic.


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