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Shutdown of ACN Services on 24 August

ACN services will not be available from 24th August.

You will not be able to use broadband or make and receive phone calls. You must switch to another broadband or phone service provider before 24 August 2020 to continue using broadband and keep your phone number.

All customers with an ACN Broadband service in addition to phone services (Home phone or Business phone, including VoIP services) will be impacted by the switch-off.

In early 2019, the hard decision was made to stop selling ACN Broadband and Phone services as it was no longer commercially feasible without significantly raising the charges of their services.

The good news is that ACN has now united with MATE, an Australian owned and operated broadband provider, to offer their customers highly reasonable Broadband plans to suit all users. On the other hand, ACN is also partnered with Vodafone.  

When you choose any other provider or cancel your ACN Broadband and Phone service totally, you will be able to keep any tools you bought from ACN. You can port your current phone number to the new service provider and keep a phone service with local and national calls as well as broadband internet. 

The porting procedure for an existing landline phone number can take anywhere between 2 to 6 weeks to complete.
If you desire to transfer your service you should contact the alternative provider of your choice as soon as possible to ensure continuity of service.

Or else, you will lose your current phone number.

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