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Secure Productive Enterprise: Delivering Business Security

Secure Productive Enterprise: Delivering Business Security

As digital transformation is changing the world, the risk of security threats is also intensifying. Cyber criminals today are becoming more organized and sophisticated in their attacks on organizations. Cyber attacks today are more targeted & damaging. Hence security has become the number 1 concern for organizations everywhere.

“In the ongoing game of cat and mouse–while we rush to patch a broken window, hackers are already picking the next lock–we need to begin thinking like the enemy.”

– Christopher Skroupa,

Secure Productive Enterprise Offer

In order to help customers protect their greatest assets while taking full advantage of the modern workplace, Microsoft recently launched its new hero offer called SPE or Secure Productive Enterprise. Secure Productive Enterprise is the most secure, trusted as well as productive way to work that combines the best of Windows 10 Enterprise, Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security(EMS). It provides a comprehensive & agile platform that will seamlessly detect threats as well as respond to security breaches faster.

Secure Productive Enterprise makes it even easier for Microsoft partners to sell secure products as well as services to their customers. It creates a huge opportunity for Microsoft partners with $160 Billion+ addressable market size across Microsoft’s Enterprise Security, Productivity, Analytics, & Voice solutions. It transforms the way people work, which is made possible only by the combination of Windows 10 Enterprise, Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite. The offers that make up SPE are built on Microsoft’s agile platforms and services so Microsoft partners can innovate, build their own technology, differentiate with IP, as well as create new solutions, all while maintaining security as the top priority.

There are two tiers of the Secure Productive Enterprise offering: E3 and E5. Customers can choose between these two licensing plans.


Security Offerings of SPE

There are many security features included inside of the SPE offer. Other than Windows, Office 365 & EMS (for both E3 and E5 releases), the SPE offer includes the following cutting edge cloud-based security technology:

  • Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection for end point breach detection.
  • Microsoft Cloud App Security for getting control of the SaaS apps employees are using.
  • Azure Information Protection in order to ensure information stays secure.
  • Office 365 Advanced Security Management in order to give greater visibility & control over your Office 365 environment.


Last but not the least, SPE is also providing substantial cost savings across PBX and Voice, Productivity Applications, Business Intelligence and Analytics & Security to customers and partners alike.  Promotional pricing is currently in effect, offering discounts up to 25% off.

Microsoft partners have already started seeing the value of a more secure and more connected Microsoft stack.

“As more organizations embrace digital transformation and shift to the cloud, the way employees work, daily business operations, and IT initiatives need to shift too,” said Dux Raymond Sy, CTO for AvePoint. “Microsoft clearly recognizes this change and is helping its customers, as well as its partners, accommodate these trends by providing a simple package of what’s more important to them today.”

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