Are you affected by COVID-19?
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Return to the workplace with confidence

Reopen responsibly, monitor intelligently, and protect continuously with solutions for a safer work environment.
As you move toward bringing employees back, give your teams the tools to help them stay safe and productive on the job with solutions from Microsoft.

Strengthen the resilience of your people, teams, and organization to adjust and adapt no matter which stage your organization is currently at.

Reopen and manage physical locations

Open and operate your locations responsibly to provide employees with a safer environment, while ensuring your organization can quickly respond to—and communicate—changing circumstances.

Return while supporting employee safety and wellbeing

Protect your employees with new safety protocols and intelligently monitor the health of your entire organization to help make data-driven decisions about who should work where.

Engage your teams—remotely and onsite

Support the flow of work wherever it happens—remotely, onsite, or a combination of both. Help everyone stay connected, productive, and secure.

Return confidently with Microsoft Power Platform

Help protect your workforce during each phase of your return—and be ready for what’s next—with a comprehensive set of apps and dashboards that help you:
• Determine the readiness of different locations and manage their reopening.
• Manage COVID-19 cases, identify hot spots, and aid in case management.
• Keep employees safer and productive with self-service tools and screening.
• Monitor occupancy, health supplies, and safety procedures.

A durable investment for today and whatever comes next
With Power Platform, you’re not just investing in today, you’re investing in your future. Stay agile and innovative by easily creating intelligent, custom apps and automating processes with low-code solutions designed for everyone. Explore Power Apps and Power BI plans to run critical solutions that support confident workplace reopening.

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