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Remote Access Solution

As the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak expands, organizations should consider how to prepare in the event that their employees are unable to travel to work.

With FLYONIT’s remote access software people can work remotely from home and access their office computer from another computer, tablet or mobile device via a secure streaming connection.

Enable your team to work from home with secure remote access software.

It is the best solution for those who want fast, easy, and secure remote access to their computers. Unlimited remote access to your computers from any device, any time, and anywhere.

Security is Our Priority

Over 50,000 businesses and 20 million end users around the world, including large banks, law enforcement, government agencies, local governments, and government contractors securely use our remote access software.

Secure Infrastructure: Our cloud infrastructure is hosted on AWS to provide a secure network and computing environment with firewalls, data encryption and DDoS mitigation.

Intrusion Protection: We have 24×7 intrusion detection and defense mechanisms and have adopted industry best practices to ensure security is enforced and instances are fortified.

App Security: We provide multiple levels of protection, including device authentication, two-factor verification and protection with TLS (including TLS 1.2) and 256-bit AES encryption.

Advanced Security Features: With our remote access software you also get multi-level password security, blank screen, screen auto-lock, session idle timeout, remote connection notification, and much more!

Key Features

High Performance: Our software uses the same high-performance engine that powers our award-winning consumer products used by millions. Enjoy HD quality, sound, and fast connections.

Easy Deployment: Create your own deployment streamer that automatically binds to your account. Or download the standard streamer and log in using your ID and password. It’s easy to migrate from LogMeIn and other remote solutions!

File Transfer: Easily transfer files between computers. You can drag-and-drop files between computers and you can also transfer files without starting a remote session!

Access from Any Device: Get unattended remote access to your Windows, Mac, and Linux* computers from Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chrome browser/Chromebook. Just install the app in all the devices you want to remote from.

Robust Security: All remote sessions are protected by security features including TLS and 256-bit AES encryption, device authentication, two-step verification, and multiple 2nd-level password options. All connections, file transfers, and management events are logged. Learn more about SOC 2, GDPR, and HIPAA standards compliance.

Remote Print: Select the file you need from your remote computer and print it on your local printer instantly. No need to transfer files or fax printed documents.

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Remote Access Solution

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