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Protect Your Business with Enterprise-Grade Cyber Security Tools

Is Your Network Secure?
In today’s complex online threat environs, small, tech-savvy businesses face an exceptional challenge. The best security tools on the market are planned for large companies with heavy budgets, while numerous small businesses are forced to use consumer-grade security standards that leave them vulnerable to attack. At FLYONIT, we saw this gap in the market and understood that we could deliver enterprise-grade cybersecurity tools at a small business price.    
FLYONIT offers efficient cyber security support and management plan personalized to organizations looking to decrease their exposure to cyber threats, maintain regulatory compliance and protect their company’s data.

Protect Your Business with Enterprise-Grade Cyber Security Tools

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FLYONIT is providing 3 months deferral payment option during this difficult period to support the community. For questions related to offers, support and services, please give us a call at 1300 359 664 or submit a booking appointment form below and one of our Microsoft experts will contact you shortly.

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Protect Your Business with Enterprise-Grade Cyber Security Tools

The first line of protection in any cybersecurity device is a physical firewall that assembles between your network and the rest of the internet. Our Firewall services include –

  • Content Filtering: Address safety, security, and output concerns with controls to implement Internet use guidelines and block access to dangerous and unproductive web content.
  • Capture Advanced Threat Protection: Immediate threat detection for stopping unidentified attacks
  • Upgrades: To ensure you always have the most latest security hardware

Anti-Virus Software
AV or anti-malware software is a critical tool for the prevention, detection, and elimination of malicious software from your environs. FLYONIT uses a highly effective database that takes up minimal drive space and runs in the background, eradicating the interruption usually directed by security scans.

Encryption Services
Protect your data even if your devices are missing or stolen. We provide enterprise-grade encryption for hard drives, mobile devices, and any on-site data storage.

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)
Along with AV software, FLYONIT will also deliver monitoring that allows us to track the health of your systems, and, if needed, to remotely access your network to remediate issues. We keep track of the location, condition, and data usage for all your company devices. We configure to automatically run a regular fixing plan to ensure your key applications and OS always have the newest security fixes straight from the manufacturer.
Policy and Procedure Development
FLYONIT can assist you to make and implement security protocols to make sure you have a plan to encounter any possibility.
FLYONIT will deliver support for system configurations and security tools. We also offer blocks of support hours to aid you to recover in the event of a cybersecurity incident or breach.

Based in Australia, FLYONIT is the leading Microsoft Cloud Security tools provider with over 10 years of experience and professional knowledge around Microsoft Office 365, Enterprise Mobility and Security, and Azure infrastructure.
We’ve helped out hundreds of companies to update and better secure their businesses with Microsoft, so the chances are, we could support yours too.

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