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Professional Internship Program

Are you looking for the best opportunity to highlight your CV while having an amazing work experience?

FLYONIT guarantees to intern in Australia which is the finest way to achieve life goals to both students as well as working professionals. You will be exposed to different industries and have a chance to kick start your career!

Benefits of our Professional Internship Program:

  • You can convert academic knowledge into industry skills.
  • The test-drive experience will narrow a list of potential careers.
  • You can gain valuable work experience and explore a career path.
  • You can develop and refine skills as well as gain confidence.
  • Besides, you will get an internship completion certificate.

The goal of our Professional Internship Program is to provide meaningful training experience. This experience helps you to be sure of what you want to do later in your career. You will be placed for 12 weeks internship. It will change your lives forever. Start your internship while enjoying the Australian lifestyle!

How we work?

  • First, you need to inquire and then we start to look for the best position for you. Sometimes we have open vacancies, but it’s better to contact us to get full information about our internship opportunities.
  • In order to learn more about different fields, apply for the program. You need to contact with our program advisor and indicate the most preferred field of your future internship.

It’s always cool to learn from the experience of experts, develop your hard and soft skills, and become better from day to day.


We charge the most reasonable fee for the services that we offer you in this procedure. The variety of programs is determined by the program length, additional services, where you go, and how you live. Please contact us to get a customized estimate.

We have provided this opportunity that is always available (yes, all year!).

That means that if you want to join our team you can do it any time of the year! So…why not now?

Call us to know more!

We are waiting for you in our internship program!



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