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Personal details of job applicants potentially compromised in major PageUp data breach

Thousands of people in Australia may have had their personal information compromised, with a human resources firm used by companies including Coles as well as Medibank revealing a data breach.

PageUp, which claims to have over 2 million active users, released a statement on Wednesday saying that it had noticed “unauthorised activity” on their system on May 23.

Some of its clients include the Reserve Bank of Australia, Telstra, NAB, Officeworks, Kmart, Australia Post, the Australian Red Cross, Aldi, etc.

PageUp, which provides job application software, says that an investigation is ongoing.

“We … have been working together with international law enforcement, government authorities and independent security experts to fully investigate the matter,” PageUp CEO Karen Cariss said in a statement.

“There is no evidence that there is still an active threat.”

Australian supermarket Coles has shut down its career site as well as has suspended all connections between its systems & PageUp’s.

Coles also put up a statement advising any person who has applied online with the company in the last 18 months to check if there had been any “recent unusual activity concerning their personal information”.

Medibank, a national private health insurer based in Australia, has also suspended its careers page & is currently investigating whether the personal data of applicants has been compromised.

The Tasmanian government as well as the University of Tasmania (UTAS) have also been affected.

The state government’s jobs site has been taken offline.

“As a precautionary measure, the government has suspended all connections between our systems and PageUp’s systems,” a spokeswoman said.

“This suspension will be in place until we are satisfied that PageUp is secure and there are no further risks.”

UTAS says that breached data may include the tax file numbers, bank details, mobile phone numbers as well as addresses of successful job applicants.