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Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing Services

The trend of outsourcing has been rapidly growing since past few years. Today, due to increasing economic as well as competitive pressures, companies are compelled to turn to third-parties so that they can focus more on their core competencies. Outsourcing not only lets organizations focus on their core areas but also help them reduce their total costs on resource management, space, labour, etc. According to a report, outsourcing leads to a total cost saving of 25% to 30%.


With extensive experience in web design and development as well as IT management, we have been catering to a wide range of organizations across a range of industries including Non profit Organizations, Corporations, ecommerce Stores, Academicians, & Individuals. Our team of highly skilled professionals has always made us feel proud & self-confident. We have a proven track record of delivering successful outcomes. Outsourcing to FLYONIT, you will never regret.

We have solutions to fit every requirement and budget. You can either outsource your entire project to us for a fixed price or you can also hire our dedicated resources for your multiple projects. We also offer white label services for you project.

Our Outsourcing Models

Fixed Price Outsourcing Model

This is mainly effective for small and dedicated projects. Here our experienced team of professionals will be working on your project and everything like total package, target achievement, time of project delivery will be fixed and pre-decided.

Dedicated Resource Hiring

This model is best for clients who have multiple projects. Here we will provide our skilled professionals who will dedicatedly work for your projects. This will help you get exclusive as well as undivided focus.

How We Work

For Fixed Price Outsourcing Model

  • We first work to understand you specific project requirements.
  • We provide quotation for time & cost.
  • We provide samples.
  • After approval of sample, we start the actual project.
  • Once completed, we perform thorough testing.
  • We then temporarily deliver the project.
  • After that, we ask the client to provide feedback.
  • In case of any issue, we resolve it.
  • We then finally deliver the project to the client.
  • We also provide complete range of support services.

For Dedicated Hiring

  • We first spend time to understand your specific project requirements.
  • We then determine the resources to suit your specific needs.
  • After that, we let you decide whether you want to hire full time or part time resource.
  • Once decided, we allocate the dedicated resource for your project.
  • You can then assign your project to your dedicated resource.
  • Your dedicated resource will provide you daily updates on your project.
  • We will renew the cycle every month.

What Benefits Would You Receive From Our Outsourcing Services?

  • Access to our highly skilled & experienced team
  • Easy on your pockets
  • Quick & clear communication
  • Fast track project delivery
  • Total quality control
  • Frequent updates & demonstration
  • High level of transparency

So if you are interested, call us on 1300 359 664 for a free valuation without obligation.

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