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Outdated CMS Software

Why Upgrading Your CMS Software is Necessary

Do you know that 22% of the top million websites are using outdated infrastructures? Using outdated infrastructures not only threatens a company’s security but it can also ruin a company’s reputation. According to a report from Menlo Security, 1 in every 3 websites has already been hacked or is vulnerable to hacking. About 75% of consumers feel that they are not safe while making online transactions. And the only reason behind all these problems is using outdated infrastructures. So why not update your CMS on a regular basis and protect your website from security exploits?

CMS comes in the flavors of Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Magento and others. There are some platforms that are easier to upgrade than the others. For example, WordPress can be easily upgraded due to its in-built update functions whereas upgrading other platforms may be a little complicated. However, to ensure basic website security, it is important to keep updating the CMS software whenever a new update is available regardless of what platform you are using. By failing to do so, you may put your website at risk.

Top Reasons to Keep CMS Software Up-to-date


Over the last few years, Google has noticed a sharp increase in the number of websites being hacked. In the world of hackers, if you want to keep your website safe, protected and reliable, it is highly important to keep your CMS software up-to-date. Failing to do so may result in website defacement. 

Avoids Unnecessary Expenses

Revamping your old CMS software may seem trivial and unimportant for you. But using outdated CMS software can incur more costs in the long run. Updated CMS platforms are also likely to deliver improved functionality. 

New Features

Upgrading your CMS software on a regular basis also ensures that you are gaining access to the newest features of CMS. You are investing a lot of money in your CMS software; therefore it is important that you take maximum advantages of the new features.

To keep your CMS software up-to-date, you need to do the following things: 

  • Try to use a platform which is easy and convenient to update. For example: WordPress
  • You can subscribe to an email list which will keep you informed about the updates.
  • It is important to update all plugins and themes.
  • It is important to login frequently in the admin area to check for new updates.

Technology is continually evolving and CMS companies are continually improving their products. To keep pace with the fast-changing technology, upgrading your CMS software is a must. By not keeping your CMS software up-to-date, you are not only playing with your website security but you are also throwing away the opportunity of making the most of your investment. Upgrading your CMS software may seem unimportant for you, but using outdated software can cost you more in the long run.

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