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OmniChannel Contact Center Solution

Omnichannel contact center solutions are essential in providing a holistic customer experience and the very best in customer service. In an omnichannel call center, each individual customer’s preferred method of communication, across all channels, can seamlessly connect and integrate. This allows customers and agents to pick up where they left off on one channel and continue the experience on another.

FLYONIT offers extensive omnichannel contact center features for greater efficiency and productivity. Through the Live Chat & Talk plugin, agents can communicate with website visitors in real-time via chat, video, and call, ensuring continuous and personalized customer experience.

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Catch all Calls – Advanced Omnichannel Reporting

Monitor call queues in real-time and ensure nobody is missing that important inbound call. FLYONIT’s simple and intuitive omnichannel management solution allows you to keep tabs on calls as well as your agents’ performance. All this without the costly and hard to set up functionality associated with traditional call center solutions.

Advanced Call Reporting – Satisfaction Guaranteed

FLYONIT’s omnichannel software increases the level of customer satisfaction and helps you keep tabs on your individual agents’ and teams’ targets. Monitor how long customers are kept waiting and the time agents spend on a call. FLYONIT’s Advanced Call Reporting allows businesses to refine their queue and call strategies and ensure that customer satisfaction remains consistent.

Track Agent Performance – Retain Productivity

Use our solution to get real-time stats on answered calls, abandoned calls, waiting time and more. All from one central unified console. Track your call center’s performance and work towards reducing unnecessary customer loss and agent turnover as a result.

Server-side CRM Integration

FLYONIT provides effortless integration with a wide range of CRM, ERP and accounting systems, offering a holistic view of your client relationships. By streamlining communications, agents are able to perform tasks more efficiently and keep customers happy.

OmniChannel Contact Center Solution

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